Open Letter To Fitness Models Who Sell Skinny Tea

Don't buy that skinny tea or miracle weightloss product you've seen plastered all over Instagram. Here's why marketing by models can be deceiving.

If you’re like most, when your blaring alarm sounds in the morning you roll over to grab your phone. Still tucked under your comforter its second nature to begin mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, flicking through hundreds of photos of impossibly trim waistlines, flawless glowing skin and enviable wardrobes.

Open Letter To Fitness Models Who Sell Skinny Tea

We look up these glamorous and self-made media moguls for inspiration and motivation.

How is her hair so smooth and shiny? There’s probably an overnight mask for that!

What does she use for that blinding golden highlight? There’s a discount code in the caption.

What in the world is she doing for a booty like that? Follow her workouts or buy this supplement!

Nearly every model or Insta-famous woman has used her social media skills to market and make a living, and I don’t blame them! Not everybody is blessed with superhuman good looks and a knack for cute candid photos.

Most everything, from watches to haircare brands has been posted as a marketing venture – and makes social media a viable form of income for the few and fortunate.

But at times, the expansive platform of social media is used to promote products which deceive merely for the matter of money. If you’re familiar with the glowing rainbow icon of Instagram, you have inevitably scrolled past at least one picture-perfect model promoting a skinny tea or miracle supplement.

Their captions rave about miracle tea which has made them toned and tight with abs that Jillian Michaels would compliment.

Open Letter To Fitness Models Who Sell Skinny Tea

But here’s the kicker – tea alone cannot make you lose weight or have a model body.

These same models have trainers, chefs, or surgical work that have sculpted the bikini body plastered all over their Instagram. It takes time, consistency and massive amounts of motivation to change your body. As much as we all want to think there is some magical solution to the dream body, there simply isn’t.

It’s purely deceptive to tell an audience that you look a certain way thanks to some miraculous tea. Kudos to social media moguls who market products they support and use daily – because you’re damn sure I will be looking at Desi Perkins skincare recommendations.

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Open Letter To Fitness Models Who Sell Skinny Tea

Those few who rave about miracle fat-burning teas, vitamins and powders aren’t here to help, they’re there to make a dime (or a lot of dimes).

Yes, hello, Kris Jenner. I’m looking at you.

Her videos of stacked sugary gingerbread houses are juxtaposed to her advertisement for a “weightless shake” that she reports helps her lose weight and replace junk food. Not to mention Kourtney Kardashian featured on @flattummyco, a company which sells products (including lollipops) designed to curb appetite and shed fat.

Let’s not forget these famous women have expendable income for trainers, chefs and meal plans. Most would argue that a majority of the Kardashians have had some plastic surgery done to achieve their ultra-trendy hourglass figure. The only thing more deceiving than the promotion of products as the ultimate tool for a banging body is the audience they sell to.

While I’ve had years of fluctuating fitness goals and routines, I was old enough not to be seduced by a simple solution for the ‘model’ physique. But there are many young and impressionable women scrolling through Instagram simultaneously, minds chalk full of wonder products that will make YOU look like Kourtney Kardashian.

And sometimes they empty their wallets in search of a miracle trick to trim their waist and plump their bum.

Insta-celebs, you know your audience. The ever-increasing follow account shows how impressive your platform is. Stop promoting unhealthy and unattainable images and wield your power for good.

What are your thoughts on miracle weight loss products? Comment yours down below.
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