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An Open Letter To Piers Morgan

An Open Letter To Piers Morgan

Dear Piers Morgan,

“Stop being such an offensive, misogynistic brat and grow up – it isn’t cool, it’s pathetic.”

Do those words sound familiar? They should. You wrote them about Kanye West, but maybe Kanye isn’t really the one they were directed at. First, I want to say that I don’t like you at all. Probably not a sentiment you’re unfamiliar with, but I wanted it to be clear from the beginning. You summed up my thoughts about you pretty succinctly, so thanks for saving me the effort.

You’re always so incredibly eager to scrutinize other people, yet you don’t really seem to respond to criticism well yourself.

I don’t care. Why don’t we take a look at you for once? What prompted this open letter was your ludicrous hack job on Beyoncé and her latest offering, Lemonade. Spoiler alert: I too am a “born-again black woman with a political mission” and I found her short film and album to be beautiful, incredibly moving, and thought provoking. This is probably the 100th letter you’ve gotten because of that article, but I figured that one more won’t hurt you, not that I’d sympathize if it did.



I read your conversation with Matt McGorry, and I think he pretty much hit the nail right on the head. Word of advice: next time you want to comment on a black woman’s experience, “Black Lives Matter” or the “Black Panthers”, just don’t. Don’t do it.

Firstly, no one cares if you like “old Beyoncé”.

No one even cares if you like “new Beyoncé”, what matters is that Beyoncé likes Beyoncé and she’s touching people with her art form and spreading her message.

Secondly, her message is important and it is NOT an attack on the police.

Black Lives DO matter, and including Leslie McSpadden and Sybrina Fulton in her short film was to highlight this. It was to remind people that she hadn’t forgotten about them and that neither should we. Also, if you’d paid attention to the project past what you wanted to see, you’d know that it was way more than what you’ve downgraded it to.


Thirdly, never again use the “the race card”; you have no right.

If anything you said had any merit, you shouldn’t have felt the need to resort to something so cheap and quite frankly, beneath you. Or maybe it isn’t.

Lastly, were you not aware this entire time that Beyoncé was black?

Or was it just easy for you to ignore it as long as she was producing less “inflammatory” music? I saw that you wrote a very complimentary piece on Prince, but here’s a heads up so you don’t get blindsided again, he’s black, too.

What’s become clear to me, after reading the things you’ve written, is that you are undoubtedly a misogynist.

Why? For starters, you’re not only friends with Donald Trump, but you like him too and he is very clearly a misogynist. Probably a racist as well, a line which you’re straddling right now. (Political thoughts on Donald trump aside, let’s all just admit that he’s a misogynist and a racist).


As if the Beyoncé article wasn’t proof enough of your misogyny, your response to Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie just further highlights your obvious hatred of women. Or maybe, you don’t hate them, and just feel incredibly threatened when women embrace themselves and are confident in who they are. Either way, it’s not a good look.

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You noted that until recently, you didn’t have a problem with how Kim uses her body.

Why should you have a problem now? Why should what any woman chooses to do with her body concern you? You question whether or not Kim really felt as liberated as her caption stated because you found it depressing. It’s quite clear to me that she didn’t take your feelings into account when she posted the picture. Sorry. You CANNOT tell a woman how she should feel about herself or her body!

Then, you went on to accuse her of posting it because of the rising fame of her little sisters.

Really, Mr. Morgan? Just when I thought you couldn’t stoop any lower. Why is it that people feel the need to pit women against each other? Why do the two things have to be related? Are you just mad that you can’t break the Internet with your ass?

Feel free to not respond.

Kind Regards,

A Misogynist Hater

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