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An Open Letter To High School Seniors

An Open Letter To High School Seniors

Dear High School Seniors,

Congratulations!! You finally made it to your senior year and you’re one step closer to getting your high school diploma! This year will be one of the best years of your life, so take advantage of every moment! Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from enjoying this time in your life, because reality will soon set in that you’re an adult once you cross that stage.


From Homecoming to Prom, you want to make it as memorable as possible since it will be your last dances as a high school student! Enjoy the time with your friends during and after school and make sure you document it so you can look back in the upcoming years and just laugh about how young and carefree you were.


You will definitely have a serious case of senioritis and won’t want to do anything related to schoolwork, but you’ll have to shake it off if you want that diploma! Enjoy these homework assignments, because they’re nothing like that in college.

Your parents will more than likely get on your last nerve, but they only want the best for you and want to make sure you succeed in life. Deciding on what you want to do for the rest of your life is hard to think about at 17 or 18, but you’ll figure it out.

Enjoy your graduation day, because it will be the last time all of you are in one place, which is very bittersweet. You’ll soon realize all of your classmates have different plans after graduation. Some will go to college, while others join the workforce, or go to the military.

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Senior year of high school is a roller coaster ride of emotions, which you will soon realize. Make this year count and remember the end goal: your diploma! Good luck! You’re going to have so much fun.


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