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An Open Letter To My Fifteen Year Old Self

An Open Letter To My Fifteen Year Old Self

This is an open letter to the girl who spends two hours picking out her outfit and straightening her hair every day before school. To the girl who is so consumed in making sure she fits in. To the girl who would rather have her nose buried in a book than go to the skating rink. To the girl who’s a little bigger than all of her friends. To the girl who thinks she’s in love. To the girl who’s dad is in a war zone. To the girl who cries weekly because she can’t stand not being good enough. Hey, I have some news for you. You, my sweet, are more than good enough.

You are beautiful; I cannot stress this enough. I know that he calls you beautiful and then takes it back. I know it’s confusing, but he isn’t worth your tears. You will say you are in love with him. You don’t love him; he has corrupted the meaning of love for you. He will give you his jacket, and be your first kiss. He will be sweet to you, and then turn right back around and be rude to you because his friends are near. Ignore him.

Mom is right, by the way; listen to her. I know that right now it may seem like you know more than her. Just wait until you turn eighteen; you will need her more than ever. I understand that you feel like you don’t fit in with those girls, but sweetheart you are amazing. Wipe those tears away, my sweet. Your jean size doesn’t matter. Embrace your curves, my love. You are exquisite.


The “drama” going on right now isn’t important. Those people you see everyday? You’re going to grow apart from most of them. Mom is right about this too, so please don’t roll your eyes at her. Also, dad is okay. He will be home soon to teach you how to drive and give you advice on life. By the way, you’re going to blow a speaker in dad’s truck, and he is going to kill you. So avoid the jam sessions. He is right too. Listen to both of them. The next time they are lecturing you, grab some paper and start taking notes. Mom and dad are going to be your greatest allies. I know you probably don’t like either of them because they took your phone away but get over it, my sweet.

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So here is the big bombshell: you will find yourself. You will learn to love yourself. You will get over him. You will realize that you are astonishing, mind, body, and soul. You will find your happiness in a place that you would have never thought of.


So here’s the deal; stay focused on those grades, baby girl. Ignore the rumors. Break up with him. Join the soccer team. Sign up for photography; you are going to love it. Don’t forget your marching shoes for band, or your clarinet. You’ll forget sometimes, and that’s okay. Brace yourself for the death glares that Ms. D is going to give you. Please continue writing; it is your most beautiful and strongest talent. Set those goals for yourself, and don’t stop until you reach them. Good luck.


The one who learned to love you

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