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An Open Letter To My Ex Best Friend

An Open Letter To My Ex Best Friend


To my ex best friend,

It sounds weird even saying that.

But I shouldn’t be surprised. Before we even met, the odds were stacked against us. And when we did meet and try to become friends, it was a long bumpy road. At the beginning, we couldn’t stand each other (which we presumed to be because we were two very different people). For a long time, we set aside our differences in order to make our relationship work; and it did. But now – so sadly – you have become my ex best friend.

Five years of friendship, no matter the outcome, are not to be taken lightly.

I’ll never forget the moments that we shared together. We ranted about boys and watched movies together, and we bonded. You are a part of my past; a part of my teenage years. You are vital to the story of who I am. You’ve changed me for the better.



It’s weird not seeing you every day, and not checking up on you when I don’t.

We were a great team. We were a support system and with you by my side, I felt like I could accomplish anything. But now, we’re strangers. And it’s hard to believe that people could turn away from each other so abruptly and never look back. But I guess that’s just how life works.

I really miss you sometimes.

I miss just looking into your eyes and knowing exactly what you’re thinking. I miss passing time with long conversations filled with meaning. Certain things remind me of you, and I can’t help but feel down and disappointed that we couldn’t find a way to work out our problems. But as much as this sucks, I’m okay and I’m sure that you are as well.

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Thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

Thank you for all of the laughs and smiles and happy tears. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for teaching me so much about the world, and about myself as well. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

I don’t regret our friendship, even in the slightest.

Although we’ve done some very hurtful things to each other, I know that this had to happen. I only wish that things wouldn’t have ended how they did. But maybe one day we will find the motivation to reconnect. Nevertheless, I wish you the best and I’ll always be here rooting for you on the sidelines.

Take care.

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