8 Online Shopping Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck

Online shopping hacks are your keys to getting the most out of your money. The next time you want to make a purchase, use these tips to get more clothes, shoes and accessories at an affordable price! 

1. Filter & Sort

When you’re shopping online and you’ve picked your section, use the filter and sort to get the best deals. You can filter the exact products that you are looking for within the section.

8 Online Shopping Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck


For example, if you’re shopping in the “Dresses” section of H&M, sort the section from low to high, to see the least expensive products first. This will allow you to get more products for the cheapest price. You can also filter, to only show a certain color or dress length! 

8 Online Shopping Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck



2. Sign Up For Email

Signing up for emails will bring shopping perks to your inbox, when things are on sale or if a store is running a promotion. This way, you don’t have to search for deals or feel bad when you miss any sales, since you’ll always get updates on any new sale they have. You can be the first person to shop the new arrivals, as well. They will send a lot of emails to your inbox, so be sure to utilize the unsubscribe option at the very bottom of any of the emails you receive, if you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is one of the easiest online shopping hacks, since it’s more automated. You can sit back and wait for the deals in your inbox!

3. Rakuten

Getting rebates through companies like Rakuten, is one of the online shopping hacks, that will allow you to receive cash back on your purchases. It works in an automated way, once you’re ready to shop. You have to sign up for an account first, then choose the store you want to shop. Browse the store as you normally would. Your purchase will earn you a rebate amount that you can cash-out through PayPal or a paper check can be mailed to your address. It’s kind of like getting a partial refund for your purchases. Not every store is covered by Rakuten, so be sure to double check the store ahead of time. Also, make sure you check the rebate amounts. They all have percentages and some are higher than others. If you see a percentage of 20% cashback on some stores, that doesn’t mean that all of them will qualify for 20% cashback rebate. As a tip, download the Rakuten App for faster browsing! 

8 Online Shopping Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck


4. Wish Lists

When you add items to your wish list, it makes it easier to return to the website and purchase the items you save, when you’re ready to buy! Often times, clothing stores will send you a reminder of your wish list item, if it’s going out of stock soon, or if it’s discounted. You will have to create an account to take advantage of the online shopping hacks in the form of a wish list, but it makes it more organized when you’re trying to keep track of each item. 

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5. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are helpful for getting discounts on your purchases. You can get coupons from online sites like Retail Me Not and Groupon. Retail Me Not is the best choice for coupon codes you can enter, when you’re at checkout that will take a percentage or dollar amount (depending on the code guidelines) from your order, saving you money you would spend, otherwise. Groupon is great for deals and not necessarily direct coupon codes that you can enter at checkout. However, they always have cool deals on clothing items and jewelry that you can get at discounted rates! You must act quickly, as these deals are subject to change on a daily basis. 

6. Membership Rewards

If you sign up for a membership program, like the one at H&M, you earn points for shopping. The more points you earn, the more rewards your receive. You also receive membership rewards at certain online retailers like DSW for life events, like your birthday! They usually send an email, or sometimes a post card in the mail with your reward amount or percentage, and how to redeem it, before it expires. 

8 Online Shopping Hacks To Get More Bang For Your Buck

7. Social Media Follow Perks

Often times, clothing stores share coupons and deals on their social media pages. Try locating your favorite online clothing retailer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat for exclusive deals they only share with their followers. Like all online deals, usually these offers expire quickly. Be sure to keep an eye on your feed and stories, or take a look at their direct page from time-to-time to see if they’re running any promotions. Some companies also like to run contests and giveaways, where you can score free clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories! They do require participation beyond only following, which is why it’s important to read contest guidelines and follow them carefully. 

8. Influencer Links

We all see influencers on a daily basis, posing in beautiful photos that are sponsored by your favorite and new online stores! Often times influencers have a deal with the online stores to offer their followers unique discount codes. These codes usually won’t work for anyone who doesn’t follow the influencer, to learn about the code, in some way. Once you obtain the code, you can enter it during your checkout for perks like free shipping or a percentage off of your order. This method is one of the online shopping hacks that you’ll always run into, if you’re very active on social media like YouTube. Keep up with your favorite YouTube star, when they make content related to subjects like fashion and beauty. This is usually when they release their discount links! 

Now that you know a few online shopping hacks, let us know which one you’ll be trying first, by leaving a comment below. Remember to buy something for us!

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