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Here’s Why I Became An Online College Student, And You Should Too

When the time came to further my education, it was abundantly clear that the traditional college life just wasn’t for me. That was when online college stepped into my life. Here’s why I considered online college and everyone else should, too.

1. Options

Sometimes local colleges don’t offer degree programs that you genuinely want. Then your only options for attending a traditional campus are to jump into a field that does not genuinely make you happy, take on a commute that feels like it’s never ending, or relocate all together. Online courses allow you to pursue a wide variety of careers without the struggle of figuring out how to make it possible to get there. It also gives the option to complete a degree faster than traditional programs as you can work at a faster pace if you so desire. 

2. Convenience

Online college is such a freeing route to take. Traditional college campuses require physical presence…which involves having to actually go there. All. The. Time.This is bad news for those who don’t like having to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn or going to classes at night after just getting off work. That is the beauty of online college. As long as you have internet access, you can complete your college courses anywhere you choose. If you don’t feel like leaving your bed for the day, you don’t have to! If you want to go to your favorite cafe, that’s an option, too. You could even squeeze in some work while waiting at the doctor’s office (perfect for those long wait times). With an online college, the world is your campus.

3. Lifestyle

You may find that traditional college is a bit restricting on your time. If you are very friends-and-family oriented, this can be a real bummer, especially when you have to miss important events or gatherings because of your schedule. If you are a workout fanatic and cannot stand to go a day without completing your multi-hour fitness routine, it can be difficult to sacrifice that time to go to school. Online courses offer the ability to work towards your degree on a schedule that works the best for you. As long as you have your assignments completed to meet their deadlines, you don’t have to worry about working your life around your education. Rather, you can work your education around your life. Online colleges understand that your degree is important to you, but so is everything else!

4. Overall cost

Online college tends to be less expensive than the usual campus because they don’t have nearly as many expenses. There is no physical campus to maintain, so tuition does not have to help cover the upkeep of buildings and land. There is no need for educators to be present on campus as they can also do their work from wherever they desire. You don’t have to worry about the costs of commuting because you can do it all from home. Although the purchase of some physical text books and supplies may be required, a lost of materials are often digital and included in your tuition costs. Additionally, online students can still receive financial aid, grants, and scholarships as long as they meet the necessary qualifications. All in all, online college means less costs for you. 

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5. Learning style

We all learn differently. Online college is a great choice for those who have learning styles that may not make traditional college environments their ideal match. If you are a solitary learner, you enjoy self-teachings and working alone. Online campuses are perfect for this because you do not have to physically be around other learners as you connect with everyone digitally. It is the perfect match for verbal learners as well as they prefer to learn through written and spoken words, which makes up the vast majority of online college work. People will these learning styles may find themselves to be more successful with an online learning environment as it is a better fit to their personal needs.

Note: Online college is a great option but use caution when deciding on an institution. Make sure that your online campus of choice is an accredited university! This is crucial in terms of financial aid, transfers, licensing exams, and employer recognition.

Are you thinking about attending an online college? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kathryn McClure

Hey, there! My name is Kathryn. I am a full-time online student with Ashford University. In my senior year, I’m working hard to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass a Communication. I am also the SAHM of three wild and crazy kids which means that my life never has a dull moment! I love writing about anything as long as they are pieces that can inform or make someone smile. Thanks for reading!

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