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12 Online Boutiques You’ll Love

12 Online Boutiques You’ll Love

Lets face it, shopping online is way better than lugging around bags and clothes in a store. It’s quick and easy. And now with the use of smartphones and tablets, you can pretty much online shop at any point of the day. And with the abundant amount of online boutiques, why would you?!

It’s something we all do and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The beauty of online shopping is you can buy just about anything from the touch of your fingers while sipping your morning coffee in your pj’s. There really isn’t anything that can beat that. 

The online fashion industry has so much to offer. As much as I love shopping at Forever 21, you’re almost guaranteed to show up to your next event wearing the same thing as someone else. Boutiques are amazing because of how unique they are. After working in two different ones over the past five year, I can attest to it. Most boutiques will only purchase a particular clothing item in one or two size runs. So they will only get an x-small, small, medium and large. So the chances are someone showing up in the same blouse are pretty slim.


Another thing about boutiques is they don’t restock everything. Maybe a couple of their fan favorites but it’s very rare that they will restock everything once it goes. Unlike Forever 21, Express or Zara that rarely run out of their clothes so don’t experience this. 

Shopping at online boutiques or just bounties in general, help to support small or semi medium businesses. Boutique owners put a lot of time and effort into their buying decisions and when someone starts to rave about their clothes and style, it’s a feeling like no other. Not to say that retail stores aren’t dedicating their time and effort into their stores but boutique owners definitely have more passion. 

12 Online Boutiques You’ll Love


Boutiques have that one-of-a-kind feel and if that is something you’re interested in, you’ll love all 12 of these online boutiques. So ladies, get your credit cards and smart phones ready because we are about to do some shopping at online boutiques!

1. These Three Boutique 

Originally known as ThirtyOne Boutique is owned by the beautiful Peyton Gauns. Her and her mom decided to open this online boutique when she was a senior in college and since, it’s grown into the beautiful boutique it is today. The clothes are gorgeous and are set at a great price point. Another thing thats amazing about this boutique is, it’s really a family ran business. The three sisters, Peyton, Riley and Macie all model and work for the boutique as well as their mom. Their dad works in the warehouse. It’s a family affair. Oh, and they offer free shipping in the U.S., which is a major bonus. 

2. Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is definitely know for their dresses. Most of my sorority sisters would often order from this website for banquets and formals. The clothes are stunning and very unique. They don’t just sell dresses though. They have it all and for a really affordable price. They are based out of Los Angeles but currently are only online. Definitely check them out for your next event if you really want to make a statement. 


3. 12th Tribe 

A bohemian dream! This online boutique has some really great pieces. And it’s much different than the two above. 12th Tribe was founded in 2014 by 21 year old Demi Marchese who wanted her style to travel with her. “It embraces style for the global soul.” This boutique has great denim jackets, cute tops that you’ll want to wear every day and the best part: they have vintage clothing. The vintage clothing is on the pricer side but it’s gorgeous. One look on this website and you’ll want to be a tribe babe!

4. Princess Polly

If you haven’t heard of this online boutique, I’d be very shocked. Princess Polly has recently blown up and the hype is all worth it. This boutique was originated in Australia but they recently made a U.S. website so the sizing isn’t just in Australian sizes. They have an edgy yet girly take on every day clothing as well as going out and festival clothes. Many YouTubers have done collaborations with this company so I’m sure there are tons of discount codes floating around on the web. 

5. Vyvacious

Vyvacious is owned by the recent Alabama grad Maclaine, who also has her own YouTube channel. She’s witty and hysterical so if you haven’t watched her, get on it. Besides that, she recently started her own online boutique that has just about every clothing item you’ll need. She sells comfy vybes, party vybes and trendy vybes. Maclaine also is constantly posting on her social medias as well as Vyvacious’ Insta updating her followers what she is dropping and when it will be available. 



VICI has recently caught my eye. Not only has it been gaining a lot of clout on social media, but the clothes are beautiful. Spoiler: this isn’t just an online boutique. They do have two locations, but both are in California. So if you’re like me and aren’t planning a trip to Cali any time soon, they do have a large selection of clothing online. The bright colored going out shirts to the distressed jeans and slouchy sweaters, you really can’t beat VICI. They want to make shopping effortless and easy to find cute yet affordable pieces.

12 Online Boutiques You’ll Love

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7. Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt is another boutique that does have a location but unfortunately it’s all the way in Australia. So for my U.S. babes, don’t you worry. They have a gorgeous website. The vibe of the store just reminds me of a beachy paradise. The clothes are so unique and I’ve never seen them anywhere before. The models are beautiful making it more enticing to purchase the clothes. And the quality of the clothes is great. I ordered two shirts probably six years ago and they still look and feel brand new. So, check out Sabo Skirt! They even have look books to help you arrange your pieces together. 

8. Missy Empire 

If you haven’t heard of Missy Empire, what are you doing! They have a ton of partnerships with Instagram influencers so I’m sure you have seen their clothing. Its stunning and for the best price point. You can get shoes, accessories, clothes and they always have a sale department going on. Another thing thats great is the way the website is broken up. You can really get exactly what your looking for from the “shop by trend” and the “shop by occasion” panels. It’s definitely user-friendly. 

9. Boohoo

If you’re looking for something that really has it all, Boohoo is for you. From mens clothing to women shoes, it’s a one-stop fashion destination. Also, you won’t find anything for affordable than this! Some shirts run from just $5 and dresses for under $15. Boohoo’s clothing has pretty good quality based off the price. I’ve ordered off of them a ton of times and have never had an issue. They have an awesome return policy as well. 


10. The Mint Julep 

I’m sure you all know Hannah G from Colton season of the Bachelor and from BIP. Then I’m sure you’ve seen this boutique then. Hannah G has been their model as of recent and she’s rocking the clothes. The first line in their about us section is, “Whether you are in the market for dresses and maxi dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, shorts and pants, kimonos and cardigans, boots and booties, or flats and wedges we have got you totally covered!” So you know they have it all. Fall season is around the corner ladies! They have the cutest sweaters. 

11. Tobi

Tobi is great for those who want high-quality clothing but never want to pay full-price. It seems like every week Tobi is running an incredible sale like 50-60% off. You almost will never pay the entire price for their clothing. And not to mention, their clothing is so unique. If you’re going to a festival, a fancy dinner party, a sorority formal or just need some causal clothes to hang in on campus, Tobi will be there for you. 

12. NA-KD 

NA-KD really puts the customer first. They bring you fashion trends from all over the world and have a different style than others. They even sell brands like Calvin Klien, Fila and Levis’, so you can get everything you could need or want here. Just joking but really, they do have some really beautiful pieces and with the colder weather approaching, you’ll want to give them a look. 


12 Online Boutiques You’ll Love

It’s almost that time of year when nobody wants to leave their house and go to the mall. Shopping online is much easier and you’ll get great looks you would never find in the stores. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite online boutiques!

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