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12 One Stop Shop Websites For The Girl Heading To Prom

12 One Stop Shop Websites For The Girl Heading To Prom

Who has ever heard of a prom queen who wasn’t wearing the perfect dress?  When she steps up to accept her crown, her gown swishes around her, her hair is shiny, and her smile is blinding. Everyone in the crowd sighs. The guys want to date her, the girls want to be her. Jealousy is ruling the room.

Her outfit is so coordinated, so unforgivingly beautiful, that she’s been an eye-catcher since she walked in the door. How did she ever manage that? Even the undersides of her heels match her nail color. Now, whether that was by coincidence or by design doesn’t matter, since she’s already the queen, but wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret to her success? It’s not as complex as you may believe. The keyword is simple; coordination. Not only is her outfit matched with every accessory she’s donning, but she also matches with her partner. She’s even gone a step further and matched with this year’s fashion trend, displaying it proudly and properly, showing off her style and her artistic eye.

Where did she get that dress? Here’s another simple answer; she might have made it herself. Here are the places she may have shopped through to find it.


1. Eshakti

A personal favorite of mine is, a website, and a company located in India. The reason it’s so wonderful? You can custom make your own dress! Go through the options of designs and fabrics, and once you’ve picked that, you’ll find a variety of colors, lengths, and shoulder styles to pick from. If you don’t want to base it entirely off of normal sizes, then you can enter your own measurements, and your dress will be made to those standards. The best part (in my opinion, at least) is that the usual dress doesn’t cost more than $50, even with all your additions.

2. David’s Bridal

Also, a (generally) fairly inexpensive website, David’s Bridal has an entire section for ‘big dances,’ from homecoming to prom. Though the wedding is in the name, this business has more than only options for the white dress. The variety of styles is enormous, from low-cut necklines to leg slits, from thigh-length to floor-length, from one strap to none. Most of these gowns remain slightly above $100 dollars, some more or less depending on the make and cloth. Browse through their choices and smile as you imagine yourself in a strapless golden gown or a shimmering blue dress.


3. Get Choosy

Instagram styles taking over? Twitter fashion making a statement? Get Choosy has them in bulk. This business revolves solely around the idea of meeting popular fashion trends and converting them into the outfit you need. How can you go wrong with a website that has a section titled “This-Minute Dresses?” The company works around the clock to pull the most beautiful and new societal trends into their reservoir of ever-famous gowns, delivered straight to your door. Imagine walking into prom with a trendy gown that only hit the regular stores a week ago!


4. Mango

A funnily-name company with a Spanish origin, Mango is a clothing store full of quality products. It’s been praised for its content with superior fabrics to many other competitors. Some of its products are out of this world, such as a rainbow sequined dress with a slanted skirt and a very low neck. Or perhaps you’d favor the wrap-around look in ivory, with no shoulder straps to speak of. Even still, you might want lacy sleeves that cut just below the elbow and a knee-high skirt. Whatever you want, Mango is your stop for anything screaming unique and colorful!

5. Simply Be

For all the plus-sized girls out there who have nowhere to look, don’t fret! There is a store with your name written all over it. Simply Be is nothing short of perfect for anyone over a size 8, going all the way up to 28. In the meantime, here’s style, there’s comfort, and over there is color to show off your eyes and the makeup you bought specifically for this wonderful night. If you’ve ever been sensitive about going to a dance because nothing fits, worry no more. You are destined to dance on your prom night, and nothing shall stop you now!


6. Lulu’s

Even the website’s tag line catches your eye: “Lulus is affordable luxury!” Oh really? Well, yes. Ranging from $50 to $100 dollars, the variety is stunning here. Sequins, shoulder-less sleeves, all of the beauty is there with the cost cut in half. Do you like floral patterns? What about chiffon? Silk? All of it and more. They didn’t lie about how much it would be. Priceless articles at a price you can afford!


7. Macy’s

Ah, the ever-lovable Macy’s. Your home away from home, full to bursting of choices that flatter the figure and show off the best in you. Traditional gowns have a home here, and if you desire tradition, you will no doubt find it. Beaded, frilly, ruffled, layered, or all of the above? Is that all even possible on a dress meant for partying? If anyone could do it, Macy’s could! Try in store before you go online, though- sometimes, regional stores don’t have everything on the Web!

8. PromGirl

Well, this one has their work cut out for them; everything here is prom, prom, prom! A website meant only for that must mean quality work at good prices, and you’d be right! This site has a section for people looking specifically not to spend a fortune on their daughter’s dance. ‘Under $200?’ Yes, please! And I’ll put in my email for the mailing list too while I’m there, just so that I can snap up those coupons on the things I like!

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9. Forever 21

This is curious. Forever 21 sells dresses? You had better believe they do! While their stores may not have them in stock, their site is never desperate for gowns. The options are classy, but modern, elegant, but wearable, and pretty, but modest. Rejoice, for your favorite outlet has choices for you!! And expensive doesn’t seem to be a word they know when it comes to their prices. $50-$100! How’s that for affordable?


10. ModCloth

Here’s an interesting one! If you have a tendency to lean towards vintage styles or clothing, then you may find a home in ModCloth. This site is a destination haven for all things old-fashioned, and you’ll find beauty in these styles that you didn’t believe you would see. They’ve also got wonderful seasonal options as well; ‘Crush On Pink’ and ‘Swoon For Red’ for February’s one and only Heart Day! Wearing something vintage does not have to only take place at prom!


11. Charlotte Russe

Cinderella could not have done better! Charlotte Russe is well-known for its financially friendly options and latest trends in style. Short skirts and no sleeves may be your favorite, and guess who has it? Starting at $10, and yes, you read that correctly, you could have your friends crawling over your silver dress. Belle of the ball? Damsel of dancing? Absolutely!

12. Rent the Runway

If you’ve ever wanted to do something good for others during your big dance, you may have heard of this NYC project. This site and store allows for you to rent, not buy, your gown. There are thousands of options based on size, affordability, and style preferences, and the shipping is cheaper than you would expect; in fact, it’s free for your first month. Of course, there are liability issues if the dress is torn or ruined in your hands beyond normal ‘wear and tear’, but if you are responsible for it, there will be no issues.


For your dance, you can be Cinderella herself with these many chances to show off your fashionable ball gown. Your chance to rule the school has never been closer; it’s practically within your grasp at this point! The title of Prom Queen has your name written all over it. Now reach out and grab it!