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Here’s What To Do If Your One Night Stand Isn’t Circumcised

Here’s What To Do If Your One Night Stand Isn’t Circumcised

Here are the things you need to remember if your one night stand isn't circumcised!

For something that isn’t really that common worldwide, being circumcised has become almost a necessity in men for some women. In reality, the only people that circumcise their boys are Americans and Jews. In most other parts of the world, it isn’t common practice, which makes it seem strange that not being circumcised is almost taboo in our culture. As an American, you might go years and years into your sex life before you come across a man who hasn’t been snipped. If you aren’t prepared for such a thing, of course, it’s okay to be surprised. But what’s not okay is to make him feel less than because of some stupid procedure he didn’t have when he was a baby. There is a definite right and wrong way to behave when you come face to face with your one night stand isn’t circumcised, and here is the right way.

Don’t freak out

If you must, do it on the inside. Just think to yourself “holy shit! I’ve never encountered this before. But that’s okay because I’m not an asshole who cares about this type of stuff!”

one night stand isn't circumcised

Remember why you’re there

Hopefully, the reason why you’re about to have sex with this person isn’t solely based on the notion that he would be circumcised. Hopefully, you’re about to jump his bones (hehe) because you’re attracted to him. The fact that he looks a little different shouldn’t completely change how you feel about the guy. Because love isn’t about the penis, it’s about who the penis is connected to, right?!

one night stand isn't circumcised

Ask questions

Part of the reason why an uncircumcised penis is so surprising is that maybe you’ve never seen one before. Perhaps you don’t know what to do with it. This is completely okay! Just like in any relationship, ask what the other person likes. Maybe have them show you what to do. There’s no shame in being curious and willing to learn when your one night stand isn’t circumcised!

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Have an amazing time

If you go into the rest of the experience with an open mind and continue on as if there was nothing wrong (because surprise, there isn’t!) then you’re sure to have great sex when your one night stand isn’t circumcised!

Don’t freak out later

One of the major problems with circumcision is that women won’t say anything at the moment to the guy, but then later go off with their friends. There’s no reason to make crude turtleneck jokes about your hookup’s penis. If you go into a group of women who’ve never encountered an uncircumcised penis, have a meltdown about how horrifying your night was, the problem is only going to get worse. The only difference between the two types of penises is one has a foreskin and one doesn’t. Sex with either can be as amazing as you make it when your one night stand isn’t circumcised .

one night stand isn't circumcised

Which of these things have you done when you discovered your one night stand isn’t circumcised? Let us know.

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