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Trendy Easter Dresses For Women That Are Totally Appropriate For Sunday Brunch

Easter dresses for women are harder to find than you’d think. Finding a trendy Spring dress that is also appropriate for Easter doesn’t have to be hard. With so many trendy patterns and designs, it makes shopping for spring dresses fun! Whether you’re going to church, brunch or maybe even an Easter egg hunt, these dresses will keep you look beautiful this spring! Synched waists, feminine designs and a lot of flow will create a seamless look for spring!  Keep reading to find which spring dress is best for you this Easter!

1. Floral Button Up Dress

Nothing screams spring more than florals!  This is a perfect spring dress because its light and airy, but still look beautiful for the occasion. These dresses unbutton down the front so you pair it with a tank and skinny jeans for a more casual look. If you are wearing it as a dress then add some heels and bangles for an effortless look. Florals are always a good choice for a spring dress because it’s an elegant pattern and very feminine.

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2. Shirred Maxi Dress

The shirred maxi dress is a casual spring dress is flowy and accentuates your waist! The shirred maxi dress is perfect for an Easter brunch, or any springtime activity! Since it scrunches in at your waist, your body doesn’t get lost in the dress. It’s feminine and perfect for all occasions. Pair it with your favorite wedges and a cute jean jacket if it’s cooler out! This spring dress will catch everyone’s eye!

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3. Skater Dress

A skater dress is a cute, effortless look for this Easter! If you’re headed somewhere warm then this is the perfect spring dress. Skater dresses are a bit more fitted on top so they accentuate your torso and flow out at the bottom. They are cute in a simple color, or find a dress with a feminine pattern, like the ones below! Accessorize this skater dress with some simple jewelry and heels! This look will make a statement when wearing it this spring!

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4. Pleated Shift Swing Dress

A dress that is a bit more casual, but still one of the cutest spring dresses you can wear this Easter. You can find these dresses in a variety of colors and patterns! The pleated shift swing dress is flowy, comfortable and cute. If you don’t have anything too crazy going on for the day and just want to be comfortable in what you are wearing then this dress is for you! Pair with a big purse and some sassy shades to complete the outfit!

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5. Cowl-Neck Slip Dress

This is a fabulous spring dress because it shows class and a little bit of sass! The cowl neck adds a little pop to this rather simple dress. Typically this slip dress is silk and its absolutely gorgeous. You can wear it to a fancier brunch or even an Easter get together. This look leaves you looking stunning. Pair it with a simple heel and a shiny pair of earrings for the perfect look!

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6. Off The Shoulder Lace Dress

Lace is an elegant touch to any dress, especially spring dresses. Lace is perfect for the spring because it looks sophisticated and having the sleeves off the shoulders keeps it unique. Wear this dress out to your Easter brunch, or wear it again to a celebration. It looks chic no matter what occasion. Pair it with some dangling earrings or a small necklace to add a touch of sparkle.

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7. Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses always seem to be the right choice when getting new spring dresses! They are longer so they keep you warmer when it’s a breezy day. The short sleeve maxi dress is fashionable and always adorable. Choosing a patterned maxi dress stands out and allows you to use simple accessories for the rest of your outfit. Add a cute hat to this outfit if you’ll be outside for an egg hunt or Easter activities!

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8. Polka Dot Dress

Polka dot patterns are super spring which makes them perfect to add to your spring dress collection! Polka dots are playful and feminine. You can make any dress look cute with a polka dot design to it! Add some cute wedges and some bracelets to complete the look! This spring dress would work great for a family brunch or even dinner with friends. You will be looking bouncy and carefree with this spring dress!

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9. Stripes, On Stripes, On Stripes…

Stripes are a fun, yet simple pattern that is perfect for a spring dress. This dress can be casual, but if you need to dress it up that can also work! If your plans this Easter are more casual then pair this striped dress with a jean jacket and flats for the ultimately comfortable cute look! If you decide you need to dress this dress up then pair it with a cardigan and a big necklace. Either way, this striped dress will get you the spring vibe you need to accomplish your Easter look.

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10. Tie Waist Spring Dress

A tie waist is a great spring dress because it creates a figure in a flowy dress. The tie accentuates the waist and brings it all in! They create movement and are comfortable to wear. Long or short this dress will look fabulous for Easter! Get this spring dress in a pattern, or keep it simple with one color! Some tie waist dresses even button-up, or have layers so it keeps the dress interesting and eye-catching! This is one of the best Easter dresses for women!

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Easter dresses for women are fun, playful and chic! You will definitely be able to rock these looks with the right accessories and confidence! Comment below what your favorite spring dress is that you’ll be wearing this Easter!

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