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On-Trend Dresses For Spring Under $150 You’ll Be Obsessing Over

On-Trend Dresses For Spring Under $150 You’ll Be Obsessing Over

Check out our list of on-trend dresses for Spring under $150 that you’ll be obsessing over once April rolls around. I know we just traded in our cozy fall cardigans for our bulky winter coats, but fear not, Spring will be here sooner than you think. That is why I have compiled a list of the best spring dresses that are under $150. You can start putting money aside now for these purchases or rack up on deals now while items are still in high supply. Trust me you don’t want to miss out!

Once winter is over, you’ll be anxious to shed off all those layers of clothes and opt for cute, colorful, and loose threads. What’s more roomy and stylish than a dress? Spring is the perfect time that retailers emerge with the latest runway looks. You can look like a model without having to pay such a hefty price for designer looks. Check out our selection of dresses for spring to find your perfect one!

1. Blue Chambray Dress

Remember in the ’90s everyone was able to rock a tuxedo suit without a second thought? Well, this is the updated version of that sad look. There’s nothing pathetic about a blue chambray dress. On the contrary, this blue-hued dress has been in style for a while and will continue to be. Dress it up with some pearl earrings or a statement necklace worn around the collar. Or even kick back and aim for the classic ‘cute girl-next-door vibe’ with this chambray dress and your favorite pair of white tennis shoes. Either way, I’m sure this dress definitely tops the dresses for spring look in 2020.

*7 On-Trend Dresses for Spring Under $150 You'll Be Obsessing Over

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Completely Chic Blue Chambray Belted Shirt Dress

2. Floral Dresses

If floral dresses could speak they would definitively scream Spring! You’ll definitely want one of these when the weather starts getting nice and the buds are beginning to bloom. One of the most perfect dresses for Spring comes in an assortment of colors. However if yellow is your go-to, don’t be surprised if many bees mistook you for an actual flower.

No other dress will leave you feeling so dainty and feminine than a floral dress. Pair it with an equally colorful set of ballerina flats to match. Are you a fan of those tiny gold three-in-one necklaces? This is an excellent dress to align your neck with as well as adorn your wrists with your collection of Alex and Ani bracelets without it being over the top.

Image result for floral dresses instagram black

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Floral to See Black Floral Print Long Sleeve Mini Dress

4. Linen Dresses

This easy, breezy dress is great for long strolls in the park, hanging at the beach, or any other fun spring activity. It’s so casual but also sophisticated at the same time. Plus you don’t have to worry about crease lines from sitting or panicking when you forget to iron. This dress looks great even with wrinkles, and you can’t say that for many clothes. Many people are hesitant about wearing lines on clothing, such as stripes and plaid, but stripes are in baby! The perfect lines on your clothes have the power to elevate your look while also slimming you out in all the right areas, making it one of the dresses for spring you won’t actually regret buying.

Image result for instagram Linen Dresses striped

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5. Sheer Dress

A sheer dress is one of the most elegant articles of clothing one can buy. It’s a good idea to invest in one with sturdy fabric, since this Spring dress is also very delicate to the touch. Don’t let that scare you though, you’re still able to properly care for it at home. Washing on the delicate cycle should do the trick! A classic white sheer dress is all you need to turn heads this spring!

A sheer dress is also the perfect dress to wear to any spring weddings and to wear again later in the season as graduation approaches. Just make sure to test out the sheerness before leaving the house. Camisoles and Spandex might be necessary to make sure all the goods are covered.

*7 On-Trend Dresses for Spring Under $150 You'll Be Obsessing Over

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6. Button-Down Shirt Dress

Who doesn’t love walking around in their boyfriend’s oversized tee-shirt? Even though you constantly have to fight him over it, It’s one of the most comfiest things ever. Picture that but 10 times better and you have a button-down shirt dress shirt. You’ll never want to get out of it let alone have to struggle with ownership ever again. Not only is this a comfy dress but also very chic! This look can instantly work for brunch with the girls or even to wear to your grandma’s house for the annual Easter lunch with the fam.

*7 On-Trend Dresses for Spring Under $150 You'll Be Obsessing Over

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7. Side Split Maxi Dress

Everyone loves a good maxi dress but once spring hits we will be in dire need to show off a bit of skin. A side split maxi dress will continue to be a popular choice amongst many dresses for Spring. Find a maxi dress with a split height tailored to your specific taste. Pull it all together with an old jean jacket or black leather one for an instant effortless ‘I just woke up like this’ look that even Beyoncé would be proud of!

For a cute date night look, pair a side split maxi or midi dress with some boots. On cooler spring days, bring along a cardigan or open sweater for extra warmth. Once summer hits, you won’t have to worry about needing any additional layers the dress will make a statement all on its own.

Image result for instagram Side Split Maxi Dress

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We still have some months to go but it’s never too early to be looking forward to Spring especially spring clothes. Sometimes it’s the only way to make it through a long and harsh winter. Don’t give up hope yet for those sunny days and ahead and keep yourself entertained by doing some early spring shopping. Let us know in the comments below which dresses for Spring you are most longing to try out and own this season.

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