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10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

Celebrity Couples, 10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

Celebrity Couples are just like average couples as some couples (famous or not) decide to break up and get back together too. This is called an “On-Again, Off-Again” Relationship and the term is often used to describe a romantic relationship between a couple who keeps breaking up only to reconcile, thus getting back together again.

Some on-again, off-again couples get back together and break up more than or only one time. On-again, off-again relationships can be either great as some pairs have finally worked out their differences and realized they are meant to be; or can be toxic, especially for one’s mental health. 

Given how much they are in the spotlight due to fame, the relationships of celebrity couples have been well documented and followed by both the media and the public. Some of the celebrity couples on this list are still an item and/or no longer together. 

Listed below are 10 Notable On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples:

1. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd:

The model and the singer are currently one of the most highly profiled on-again, off-again celebrity couples. They have broken up two times after initially getting together in early 2015. The couple’s first break up took place during November 2016. Sometime in 2018, they got back together before their second spilt occurred in August 2019. There are recent rumors of a possible reconciliation between the pair as The Weeknd surprised Hadid for her birthday in October 2019.

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

Not just on this list, but Singer Justin Bieber and Actress and Singer Selena Gomez are one of the most famous on-again, off-again celebrity couples of all time! Bieber and Gomez were together from December 2010 to March 2018.

Their eight-year relationship included several breakups. Both have released many songs about each other over the years each time they broke up. Shortly after their final breakup in March 2018, Bieber got back together with former flame Hailey Baldwin (was who one of several female celebrities that Bieber dated during his previous breaks with Gomez) and married her in a New York City Courthouse in September 2018. The two recently remarried again in an official ceremony. 

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

3. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth:

Besides Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (See #2 Above), Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are another one of the most highly publicized celebrity couples. The pair have been on-again, off-again for almost a decade, which has included several breakups (including one that lasted three years before both got back together again) and a marriage. 

The couple started dating after production for the 2010 film The Last Song ended and despite a few breakups, were engaged from May 2012 to September 2013 before calling things off. However, the former flames rekindled their relationship in March 2016 and ultimately got re-engaged in June of that same year. The couple secretly wed on December 23, 2018, in a private ceremony at their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

However, fans were stunned when the couple announced their separation on August 10th, 2019 and were left heartbroken when Hemsworth filed for divorce just 11 days later. Despite being together for almost a decade, the pair’s marriage lasted only eight months.

Although their divorce has not been finalized yet, both have been seeing new people: Hemsworth was spotted on a date in New York City with Australian Actress Maddison Brown; meanwhile Cyrus was with Kaitlynn Carter from August to September 2019 and has currently been in relationship with Cody Simpson since October 2019.

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

4. Prince William and Kate Middleton:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are one of two celebrity couples on this list who are not  only still together but are also married! Prince William, who is currently second in the line of succession for the British Throne, met his future wife when both were beginning their first year of college at The University of St. Andrews. 

After two years as friends, things turned romantic between the two in 2003, but the public didn’t know about their relationship until a year later after the two were photographed on a ski trip together. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge initially broke up during the spring of 2007, only to reconcile in July of that same year.

They got engaged in late 2010 and wed on April 29th, 2011. The pair have three children: Prince George (born on July 22nd, 2013), Princess Charlotte (born on May 2nd, 2015), and Prince Louis (born on April 23rd, 2018).

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

5. Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama:

Among the highly profiled on-again, off-again celebrity couples include the one between Singer and Actress Demi Lovato and Actor Wilmer Valderrama. Despite their 13-year age difference, the two were an item from 2010-2016. Lovato and Valderrama were initially coy about their relationship and didn’t become “Social Media Official” until 2014 when they publicly address one another on both Instagram and Twitter. Their six relationship included a few brief breakups.

Although they are no longer an item, Lovato and Valderrama are also one of the most notable former celebrity couples who have remained friends post-breakup. Valderrama was right by his ex’s side after Lovato’s opioid overdose in July 2018.

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

6. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo:

The Maroon 5 Frontman and The Victoria’s Secret Model are one of two celebrity couples on this list who are not only still together but are also married! Although the two technically worked together when the former at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which Prinsloo happened to be walking in), the two didn’t meet in person until 2012. 

Sometime after their first meeting, the couple fell for each other fast and start seeing each other. However, the two called it quits during the spring of 2013. By July of that same year, Levine and Prinsloo were not only back together but engaged. They wed on July 19th, 2014 in Mexico. Levine and Prinsloo have two daughters together. 

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

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7. Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham:

The American Actress and the English Model and Photographer (and the eldest of David and Victoria Beckham’s four children) are among the several young on-again, off-again celebrity couples on this list. 

Moretz and Beckham first start dating during the summer of 2014 but were constantly breaking up and getting back together before officially calling it quits in August 2016. Sometime later in 2017, both decided to give it another go at their relationship. However, like some of the broken up on-again, off-again, celebrity couples, Moretz and Beckham split for good after Valentine’s Day 2018.  

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

8. John Mayer and Katy Perry:

The singers started seeing each other during the summer of 2012 shortly after Perry’s divorce to her first husband, British Comedian Russell Brand, was finalized the same summer. By the time fall came, the two spilt, only to get back together soon before breaking up a second time in March 2013. The former flames gave their relationship another shot in June 2013 before calling it quits for good in February 2014. 

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

9. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen:

The star of the teen drama The O.C. and The Star Wars star began seeing each after meeting in 2007 on the set of Jumper, a film that was released a year later. Bilson and Christensen were an item from 2007-2017, which included two breakups, an engagement, and a daughter.

The two got engaged over the holidays in 2008 before calling the engagement off in August 2010. Three months later, the pair were back together again and welcomed their daughter Briar Rose on October 29th, 2014. However, Bilson and Christensen broke up for good in September 2017. 

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

10. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson:

The Oscar-Nominated Stars are among several celebrity couples on this list who were on-again, off-again, multiple times! The pair began dating in 2006 after meeting on the set of the Comedy You, Me, and Dupree, which was released in the same year. Their romance sparked rumors (which Hudson denied years later in a 2009 interview) that it was the reason why Hudson was getting divorced from Black Crows Lead Singer Chris Robinson, her husband of seven years and the father of her first (of eventually three) child(ren).

The couple’s first breakup took place in June 2007. Shortly afterward, Hudson briefly dated Dax Shepard while Wilson, who was battling substance abuse and depression, attempted suicide by slitting his wrists and overdosing on pills. However, friends of Wilson denied that the actor’s breakup with Hudson was a factor in his suicide attempt. 

However, in February 2008, the former flames reconciled shortly after reuniting at an Oscars Event, only to split up three months later. The actors gave their relationship a third try in February 2009, only for things to soon fizzle out for good. 

10 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

Are there any other notable on-again, off-again celebrity couples that you believe should have made this list? Comment which celebrity couples down below in the comments section!

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