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Top 15 OMG Moments of The Bachelorette Season 15 Pre-Men Tell All

Top 15 OMG Moments of The Bachelorette Season 15 Pre-Men Tell All

As Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette is coming close to an end, The Men Tell All episode will air on July 22nd. As with past Men Tell All episodes (And Women Tell All specials for The Bachelor), all the eliminated contestants of the season will reunite and discuss the events of the season, in addition to those who feuded confronting each other for the first time. The episode also allows some of the contestants to get closure with Hannah B. as The Men Tell All will be the first time she sees any of her suitors.

It is also important to note that her final three men (Jed, Peter, and Tyler C.) will not appear in the reunion episode (Traditionally, the final two of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren’t allowed to do so, but it has happened only a few times where the third-place finisher doesn’t attend as well).

This season provided tons of drama and funny moments that had Bachelor Nation fans talking on Twitter. With the two-part finale airing the following week, here are the Top 15 OMG Moments of Season 15 of The Bachelorette:


15. Scott Gets Sent Home Before The First Rose Ceremony For Having A Girlfriend Back H0me:

When you sign up for The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you are supposed to be single and not having any boyfriends or girlfriends back home. Katie and Demi, friends of Hannah B. who also were on Colton’s season of The Bachelor with her, arrived at the mansion in a van to spy on the men the first night. The two were notified by Scott’s girlfriend (via an Instagram DM to Demi) that she and Scott were still together up until a few days before Scott left for filming. After telling the bachelorette., she immediately confronted him and sent him home before the first ceremony. While Katie and Demi failed to catch that one of Hannah’s eventual final three guys allegedly still had a girlfriend while on the show, don’t come on the show for the wrong reasons.

14. Cam and Jonathan’s Silent Stare Down:

During the cocktail party for first group date of Week 3, ABC (Always Be Cam) Cam irritated the other men on the date by constantly interrupting their one-on-one time with Hannah B. so he could talk to her. To get ‘revenge’, Jonathan decided to interrupt Cam’s one-on-one time and got physical to prevent the latter from having any time with the bachelorette. Cam was not happy and when Jonathan came back to the room where all the other guys were hanging out, the duo had a silent yet awkward staring match with each other. The only funny thing about this stare down was fan favorite John Paul Jones minding his own business and eating chicken nuggets, even asking the duo with they wanted any.

13. The Mr. Right Group Date Pageant:

Other than Luke P. winning the pageant by professing that he’s in love with the bachelorette (literally just two days after meeting her), the first group date (and first date of the season) of Week 2 provided many fun highlights. The guest judges’ (Miss J and Ru Paul’s Drag Race superstars Alaska and Alyssa Edwards) reactions throughout the swimsuit and talent competitions were too funny. Other highlights include Jed singing an original song and John Paul Jones riding a unicycle during the talent portion; and Mike twerking at the end of his runway walk for the swimsuit competition.


12. John Paul Jones & The Labor Simulator:

During the first group date of Week 3, the guys learned about the female reproductive system and took care of a fake baby. The last part of the date had each of the guys endure a labor simaulator with the bachelorette holding their hand. While it was funny to see all their reactions (and Tyler C.’s abs), the best one by far was John Paul Jones. The other guys’ reactions to John Paul Jones’s over-the-top screaming (he had Hannah B. screaming too) was priceless.

11. Hannah Sends No One Home; All Of The Final Four Go To Fantasy Suites:

Traditionally on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the final four contestants get to bring the bachelor or bachelorette back to their hometowns to meet their families. After going to all four hometowns, one contestant is eliminated and the remaining three fly somewhere for the overnight dates (one more eliminated after this round) and finale. Hannah B. couldn’t pick which of her four guys (from top left to bottom right in photos below: Tyler C., Luke P., Peter, and Jed) to eliminate. As a result, all four guys left will be going to the overnight dates round (this season in Greece), a first in franchise history.

Top 15 OMG Moments of The Bachelorette Season 15 Pre-Men Tell All


10. Cam Crashes The Group Date:

When the guys on the second group date (and last date of the week) of Week 2 were revealed, Cam was upset that his name wasn’t on the date card (which meant that he was one of three guys that week to not get a date). Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he crashed the cocktail party for that group date uninvited. He interrupted Hannah B.’s time with Devin and presented the bachelorette with a bouquet of flowers, in addition to talking and making out with her.

When Devin informed the other men on the group date about Cam’s arrival, they were pissed. This led to, in a hilarious sequence, to some of the guys (Tyler C., Garrett, and Kevin in that order) who didn’t get their one-on-one time with Hannah B. yet, to all confront Cam separately during his confessional interview for showing up to the group date uninvited.

9. Kevin Throws Chicken Nuggets at Cam:

Poor Kevin! After Cam crashing the second group date prevented him from getting time to talk with Hannah B., Kevin finally got some one-on-one time with the bachelorette during the Week 2 cocktail party where they let out some screams due to the stress of that week. Things were going well for Kevin until Cam decided to interrupt his one-on-one time with the bachelorette again, by inviting the two over for a chicken nugget ceremony. Later on, Kevin confronted Cam for being a control freak and threw chicken nuggets at him.


8. Jed Walks In On Hannah and Luke P.’s Massages:

Kevin throwing chicken nuggets at Cam wasn’t the only major highlight of the Week 2 cocktail party. During his one-on-one time with the bachelorette, Luke P decided to give Hannah B. a massage. Later, after some kissing and accepting Hannah B.’s offer to give him one, Luke P decides to take off his shirt and just as the bachelorette is beginning to give him a massage, Jed walked into the room.

The awkward situation led all three parties being embarrassed and the bachelorette to drop a bunch of f-bombs. Fortunately, Jed was able to make the situation less awkward when he and Hannah B discussed the incident during their one-on-one time.


7. Hannah and Tyler C.’s Steamy Make-Out Session in The SUV:

After introducing Hannah B. to his family, Tyler C. escorted the bachelorette into the SUV that was going to take her to the next hometown date. Before leaving, Hannah B. and Tyler C. had a steamy make-out session in the car that left things awkward for the driver and sent Bachelor Nation ablaze on Twitter.

6. Peter and Tyler C’s Hug:

During the last group date of the season in Week 7, Peter received the first of two roses over Garrett and Luke P. and got to leave the date early. It also meant that he would be getting to take the bachelorette to his hometown to meet his family. When he entered the hotel room, Jed and Tyler C. (who already received roses on their one-on-one dates) were excited that the pilot made it to hometowns. Peter’s return produced one of the cutest moments of the season when Tyler C. ran and jumped into Peter’s arms, making all of our hearts swoon over the two’s friendship.


Top 15 OMG Moments Bachelorette Season 15: Pre Men Tell All

5. Luke P. Sparks a Fight; Aftermath of Garrett’s One-on-One Date:

On Week 6 in Latvia, Garrett (on the right in the photo below with the bachelorette) finally got his first one-on-one date with Hannah B. The couple went naked bungee jumping, a Latvian tradition for couples and he received a rose. When Garrett came back from the date and told the guys what he and Hannah B. did (after they asked how the date went), Luke P. refused to believe that the bachelorette when naked bungee jumping with the golf-pro. After Hannah B. brought up she did on her one-on-one with Garrett during the group date ( everyone minus Garrett and Peter, the latter had the other one-on-one date that week), Luke P. went nuts. He told Hannah B. that her naked bungee jumping with Garrett felt like that he was being cheated on.

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When the other guys brought up Luke P.’s comments to Garrett, the two got into a heated argument. While the golf-pro told the others what happened between him and Luke P., the latter had another talk with the bachelorette over his remarks. After the conversation between the couple, Luke P. came back to the hotel room and sparked another fight with the rest of the guys (mostly with Garrett again and even Tyler C., Jed, and Mike (all three siding with Garrett) got into the mix since everyone was fed up with Luke P.’s behavior) over staying in their own lanes.

Top 15 OMG Moments of The Bachelorette Season 15 Pre-Men Tell All

4. “Stay In Your Lane”; Hannah Breaks Down During Cocktail Party:

Luke P. sparked a huge arguement between the guys during the Week 5 cocktail party. Despite not getting a rose during his one-on-one with Hannah B., Luke P. wasn’t sent home as the Bacherloette was confused about her feelings for him as no one in the house got along with him. The other guys voiced their concerns that the only way Luke P. convinced Hannah B. to allow him to stay was by bringing up the other mens’ names into their conversation. They refused to believe Luke P. when he said he didn’t (he did). Hannah B., who was talking with Connor S. in another room, stopped their conversation and entered the room where the other men were at and berated them for their petty arguing. During her rant, she told all of the men to stay in their lanes and left room breaking down into tears.


3. Luke P.’s Antics:

The bachelorette fell hard for Luke P., who got one of her two First Impression Roses and ultimately became the villain of Season 15. Currently one of Hannah B.’s final four guys left, he’s dominated the story of her journey to finding love in a way that other villains of past seasons haven’t done so in a way, according to host Chris Harrison. None of the guys in the house like him. So far, he has displayed signs of toxic masculinity and indicators of an emotionally abusive relationship, including declaring he loves her (in front of everyone) almost 48 hours after first meeting Hannah B.; refusing to take ‘no’ as an answer; picking fights with almost every guy in the house; getting jealous when the bachelorette spends time with other men; and gaslighting her, to name a few.

Top 15 OMG Moments of The Bachelorette Season 15 Pre-Men Tell All

2. Luke P. vs. Garrett:

Luke P. got into fights with almost every guy in the house, but the one person he got into it with the most was Garrett, the golf-pro from Alabama. The beef between the two suitors started when all the guys confronted Luke P. over body slamming and kneeing Luke S. in the head during the rugby group date during Week 4 and for bringing up the other guys’ names to convince Hannah B. to allow him to stay during Week 5.


Things really heated up after Luke P. went crazy after finding out that Garrett and Hannah B. went naked bungee jumping during Garrett’s one-on-one date during Week 6. Luke P slut-shammed Hannah B. for getting naked with another guy that wasn’t him and when Garrett found out, it only sparked another fight not just between them, but the other guys as well (mostly since they had enough with Luke P’s behavior).

The rivalry further escalated during the final group date in Week 7 (see video below) when the duo was fighting for the last rose and to take Hannah B. to meet their families. Luke P. got all up in Garrett’s face saying that he wasn’t going to destroy everything he had with the bachelorette before dumping a pile of bologna on the latter. This lead Garrett to playing mind games (which will rank highly among the franchise’s most memorable moments ever) with the villain as he winked at him, cut holes into the bologna and put the meat over his eyes, and even asked Luke P. if the reason why he (Luke P.) was licking his lips was due to being attracted to him.

1. Luke P. Finally Gets Sent Home:

The moment all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for!! Luke P. finally got eliminated. During the dinner portion of his overnight date (his was the fourth one) with Hannah B., he asked if she had been intimate with the other guys. Luke P., who after famously found Jesus in the shower, has abstained from sex until marriage, said if she has, he remoes himself from their relationship. This comment leaves Hannah B. outraged and she says in a confessional that he doesn’t own her. This leads her to finally send Luke P. home and as she leads him to the van, she states that she has had sex and that “Jesus still loves her”. After departing in the van, Luke P. isn’t finished as we see he makes a dramatic return in the previews for the next episode.


Which OMG Moment from this season of The Bachelorette stood out to you the most? Be sure to let us know in comments below! Don’t forget to watch The Men Tell All episode on July 22nd!

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