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10 Ole Miss Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

10 Ole Miss Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

You might have some orientation buds in your feed, but your followers are pretty #hometown. Here are 10 American University Eagles you need to follow.

You can never, never, NEVER follow enough people on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but after a while I get bored of my Instagram feed and I need a few new pages to follow to freshen up my feed. These fellow Rebels are the perfect people to follow to bring some new pictures to your feed. Keep reading for 10 Ole Miss Instagram accounts you need to follow!

1. The University of Mississippi (@olemiss)

This is pretty obvious! You should follow Ole Miss’s official Instagram to stay on top of all the school’s events! They also post some really good pictures of campus that you may want to save for yourself!

2. Acacia Santos (@acacia_santos)

You need to follow her because she is our 2016 Miss Ole Miss! She posts pictures of all of her experiences at Ole Miss. As a freshman following upperclassmen can show you all of the experiences that you can look forward to.




3. Cole Putman (@cole_miss)

Judging by is username, Cole is a true Rebel at heart and very good at thinking of clever usernames! He is also our Mr. Ole Miss, so show him your support! His posts just scream “Ole Miss” to me! He clearly loves this school and by following him you can see all the pictures he posts from the many events he attends at school!


4. Gwen Berry (mzberrythrows_)

Gwen Berry is one of the 9 Rebels to become an Olympian in the past Olympics! She is such an inspiration to Rebel athletes and her message can even spread to all students. Gwen is living proof that if you work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams!

5. Chad Kelly (@ckelly_104)

If you are not already following him, you have to follow the infamous, Chad Kelly! Our Rebel quarterback mostly posts pictures from games and during practice! Follow him to keep up with the Rebels!


6. Evan Engram (@eazyengram)

Evan Engram is another Rebel football player that you should follow! Ole Miss fans are all about football, so why not follow multiple team members on Instagram? You can get more of an inside scoop this way! While you’re at it, just go down the suggested list and follow the rest of the team!



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7. Spoon University Ole Miss (@spoon_olemiss)

Spoon University is a foodie Instagram account. There is no one out there that does not like food and that doesn’t like looking at pictures of food when they are hungry! This page is the perfect food porn page dedicated to places around Ole Miss! This is one of the Ole Miss Instagram accounts that I spend the most time looking at.

8. Joshua McCoy (@olemisspix)

Joshua McCoy is the photographer for Ole Miss Athletics and he posts a lot of his amazing pictures. If you’re looking for good pictures of games, follow this account to find some!


9. Ole Miss ASB (@olemissasb)

This is the official Instagram of the Associated Student Body at Ole Miss. They post a lot of important information about school events and have recently started a #HumansOfOM series which is very interesting!

10. Hotty Toddy News (@hottytoddynews)

Hotty Toddy news takes pictures submissions from followers. This is a fun and interactive Instagram because you can submit your own pictures as well!

Do you follow any other Ole Miss Instagram accounts you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: Chad Kelly – @ckelly_104 and