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Old Artists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

Old Artists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

Whenever I open Spotify, it seems that there are so many new artists making their way into the music scene that it’s hard to keep track. However recently I’ve been noticing a trend under the “Release Radar” playlist and that is more old artists coming out with new music. Having great appreciation and respect for artists of the past, I am elated by this trend. Here are a few of the key performers I’ve seen who have just recently put out music for fans!

1. Sheryl Crow ft Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh

Not going to lie, when I saw a song with Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, and Maren Morris, three of my favorite artists of all time, I shed a few happy tears. The track “Prove You Wrong” featuring the three powerhouse female musicians was released a few weeks ago and is a blend of country, rock, and pop (a little something for all your music tastes). It proves that both Crow and Nicks are two powerhouse rock artists! Crow also released a song with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh “The Good Old Days”, which pays homage to classic rock and roll and makes clear that these two can still kill it vocally and on their guitars!

Old Arists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

2. Mat Kearney

While Kearney may be on the younger side compared to some of the other old artists on this list, he made his debut into the music world almost fifteen years ago and has steadily been releasing music sporadically over the past decade, with his most recent album being in 2018. This past month however Kearney made a bold statement by releasing two new tracks “All I Have” and a released version of his song “The City of Black and White” proving to the music scene he is still here and planning to stay. 

Old Arists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

3. Sugar Ray

Whether you like to admit it or not, we have all listened to Sugar Ray at some point in our lives. Their carefree beachy and early 2000s vibe always is a mood booster for sure, so I was pleased to see a new track by them. “Make It Easy” which was released in early June, is part of the band’s new album, which is the first album these released in a decade. This track should be added to your summer mix as it encompasses the relaxing, exciting, and sunshine-filled nature that is what these next few months should be about!

Old Arists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

4. Barenaked Ladies 

Most people know the Barenaked Ladies for one of the most fun singalong songs of all time, “One Week”, but are surprised to find out how many other tracks they know by the group. These include the theme song for the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” and “If I Had A $1,000,000”. But you might be hearing more from the group recently as they have decided to release an acoustic version of their album “Fake Nudes” which is titled “Fake Nudes: Naked”. The songs are perfect for relaxing on a warm summer day, just keeping back and soaking in the sunshine. 

Old Arists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

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5. Madonna 

Madonna always seems to be disappearing from the spotlight, only to reappear with a bang and this summer her reemergence is no exception. Her new album “Madame X” features Spanish, Portuguese, classical, hip-hop elements, as well as an overarching pop vibe, teaming up with the likes of Quavo, Swae Lee, Anitta, and Meluma. The tracks are certainly unique and prove that she is 

Old Arists Making Their Way Back Into the Spotify Game

While I love checking out new artists, it is comforting to hear the familiar voice of some of the great past artists, almost like slipping on an old pair of shoes. The fact that these old artists are still creating tracks for fans after all these years and are remaining relevant with younger artists is proof that sometimes you can’t beat past experience!

Thoughts on old artists making new music? Share with us in our comments section! 

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