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What I Learned About College Parties at Temple

Keep reading for what I learned about college parties from my time so far at Temple!

The media portrays college as one big, giant, party.

In the movies and the media, the college experience is almost always portrayed through partying and getting drunk. We are regularly bombarded with images of drinking and hooking up.

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The media’s portrayal of college parties tends to be pretty accurate.

After my first year of college, I have learned that the media’s portrayal of the party culture isn’t so different from real life. The media has created an elevated social stigma around partying, especially on forms of social media. Sometimes it feels as if partying is the only option for things to do if you want to be “cool.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying NOT to ever party…

Going to parties in college is not something that should be shamed.  They can be a great way to meet new people and blow off steam after a long week.  I myself have been to several parties before and have had good experiences. I think they are a fun excuse to get dressed up and go out with my best friends.

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But… It is important to remember that partying is NOT your only option…

It’s 100% okay to relax at home instead.

The goal of this article is to remind everyone to look beyond the scope of partying. Remember that there is nothing wrong with having a night to yourself in your dorm or apartment. Grab a movie and some popcorn and spend the night watching Netflix, or invite some friends over to join you.

Other Ideas for spending a night out other than partying…

  • explore a nearby city
  • see what is available on campus (musicals, comedy shows, speakers, etc)
  • go to a fun restaurant with a friend
  • see a movie at a nearby theater
  • invite friends over for a board game
  • bake a creative dessert!

Remember: You are NOT enrolled in college to party, so don’t feel bad if it’s not your thing.

There are plenty of alternatives to partying that can still give you terrific college memories. We are lucky that Temple is such a well rounded campus and that it is located in such a vibrant city!

What are you thoughts on college parties at Temple? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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Alexis Rogers

Alexis Rogers is a journalism major in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. She has a strong passion for writing and a desire to travel. Along with Society 19, Alexis also writes for The Temple News and Her Campus. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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