Ohio University Students Get Real About Adderall Use

Over recent years, Adderall use has increased on college campuses due to the amount of work demanded from students. I wanted to find out exactly what Ohio University students thought about the matter so I set out around campus to get some questions answered. The results are as follows… (Each student’s name has been changed due to the incriminating nature of the questions.)

Why do students take Adderall?

Ohio University’s course work is not as intense as I expected it to be. I felt that I was very well prepared by my high school and managed to successfully get a 3.8 GPA. I’ve only had one experience with Adderall and it was during the most stressful time of the semester -finals week – a week filled with stress and rushing between each exam. The drug helped me focus and get everything done that I needed to!

– Taylor, Freshman

I took Adderall before going out to a party and could definitely feel the effects. I was also drinking, but used both because one was a downer and one was an upper. Adderall seemed to decrease the feeling of being drunk, so I found myself drinking more than my normal limits. I’ve definitely blacked out on more than one occasion.

– Nick


I take Adderall when I feel start to feel the pressure to keep my grades up in order to keep my scholarship. I need to maintain a certain GPA to keep my funding, so I’ll often use Adderall to stay awake all night and write papers or take notes. It just helps me get all of my work done. No harm no foul.

– John, Senior

I’ve never actually taken Adderall but many of my friends have offered. The temptation to take the drug to help with school work was intense, but I resisted and decided to join a study group instead.

– Samantha


So typically students turn to the drug when they need to focus for copious amounts of time since Adderall helps maintain concentration and stay alert while studying dense or even boring things. Others use it as a means to up the ante in the party scene.

How can I get Adderall?

When asking students around campus where did you get Adderall from, the most common reply was “from a friend.” There’s an unspoken trust with students and their “dealers,” to avoid the consequences of selling or buying Adderall. Generally, one person has a prescription to the drug (which apparently isn’t very hard to get) and instead of taking the doses themselves, they will sell the tablets to others. According to Elite Daily, “In a 2008 study, as many as 93 percent of students in a college course were able to fake the appropriate pattern of ADHD symptoms after having studied the diagnostic criteria for just five minutes.”

What side effects are possible?

Adderall makes me lose my entire appetite. I don’t feel the need to eat and have often gone an entire day without eating. As a result, I’ll feel extremely faint after a day of taking Adderall.

– Sarah


Along with the common side effect of loss of appetite, Adderall is also known for giving students headaches, stomachaches, dizziness and nervousness.

While the choice to use Adderall as a study drug, for partying, as an appetite suppressant or not at all is completely up to you, just remember Adderall can show up on a blood or urine test.

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