Ohio University Fest Season And What To Know

Here is everything you need to know about Ohio University Fest Season. Things get pretty crazy during this time so these Fest Season pointers are crucial. Check it out.

1.Dress Warm

The first couple fests start in February so you can bet that it’s usally pretty icy outside. You can never go wrong with a sweatshirt under a jersey and some comfy boots with a cute beanie!

2. Don’t Stand On The Sidewalk With An Drink

Fest 101 for people under 21, the second you step on the sidewalk with a drink in hand, you will be arrested quicker than you can say “underage”. When walking from party to party, turn your solo cup upside down to the horse cops you don’t have a drink, and because parties run out of cups too!(©2016 Calvin Mattheis)

3. Don’t Pee Outside

This is the number one rule!! Trust me, you can hold it, most parties will have a porta-potty near by or the owners of the house will let you use their bathroom.. just whatever you do.. don’t go outside.

4. Ask Before You Pet The Horses

If you pet the horses wihtout asking, you also put yourself at risk of being aressted.. usually if you’re nice and ask the cops, they will gladly let you pet their horses.

5. Have Cash

This applies especailly for Numbers Fest, since you will most likely catch a ride with a random person, you’ll probably get charged around $5 and its easier than venmo!

6. Don’t Wear Nice Clothes/Shoes

Your shoes are 100% going to be a muddy mess by the end of the weekend. Your clothes will also probably have beer spills and stains from who knows what. Most people wear crazy/funny outfits anyway!!muddy

7. Bring Water and Snacks

This will save you from having to make the trip to court andspend a bunch of money at a busy resturant. Just bring some crackers and snack durring the party- also it never hurt to mix in a water (trust me you’ll want to).

8. Two Words- Fanny Pack

Nothing is more annoying than having to carry a purse around or risk putting your stuff in your pockets and losing them.. when you bring a fanny, you can flip it around and you won’t even notice it’s there! It’ll also fit all your snacks.

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