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Off The Beaten Path Destinations For The Wanderlust

There are plenty of tourist-ridden places, and while they are deserving to be visited, we’re going to focus on the places that deserve the spotlight now and are probably not on many people’s travel bucket list. For first time travelers, yes it makes sense to travel to a big city like London, Paris, or Rome and get a glimpse European culture. Or travel to a beach paradise of Cancun or Cabo. If you’re looking to avoid these crowded places, or just want to try something different, perhaps one of these off the beaten path destinations will satisfy your craving for somewhere where there won’t be tons of people and expand your horizons to look for more less-hyped cities to visit. Take a look at our recommendations for off the beaten path destinations for the wanderlust and let us know which destination you’re adding to your travel bucket list.


Iceland is a beautiful country that you should travel to if you have the chance. It’s stunning landscape, rich culture, and interesting Viking history should be enough reasons to want to make a trip here. But if this isn’t automatically selling you, you can see the phenomenal northern lights in Iceland. The wondrous green waves dancing across the sky are a beautiful once in a lifetime opportunity to see, unless you continue to travel to far northern countries. The best time to visit Iceland to see the northern lights are between the months of October and April.

Iceland is divided into seven geographical regions, one being the country’s capital Reykjavik. In Reykjavik you can meet Icelandic locals, learn about their devotion to art and culture, and then venture outdoors to see the beautiful natural landscape. While you’re there you’ll have to go to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a well-known spot for travelers to visit. It’s a geothermal spa that is rich in minerals. In this relaxing lagoon you can get face masks, in water massages, and even a drink from the bar without leaving the water.

And since you’re in a new country, what better way to dive deep into a country’s culture than indulging in their food. Try Iceland’s fresh seafood and dishes like lamb meat soup, langoustine, astarpungar, harofiskur, and fish stew with rye bread. Nowhere else are you going to find fish that is more fresh than Iceland. So what do you think, is Iceland now next on your travel destinations?


When you hear someone is off to Europe, you’re most likely not thinking Slovenia as their destination. Slovenia prides itself on it’s commitment to sustanainability, and rightfully so. It’s about time someone has taken this seriously. In 2017, Slovenia was even voted the world’s most sustainable country. It’s a stunning country to visit anytime of the year. There are plenty of winter activities like skiing and winter hiking. Go in the summer to enjoy the spread of green landscapes, swim in rivers and lakes, go horseback riding, and relax in a boat ride down the canal. For the outdoorsy type, it’s a lush place to visit to get your nature kick. Be sure to visit the country’s capital Ljublijana to explore unique architecture, museums, and climb up the Ljublijana castle for a stunning view. Enjoy fun summer festivals in the nation’s capital, or if you’re going in the winter be sure to go to the Christmas fair in the city center. I don’t know about you, but Slovenia is on my bucket list now, doesn’t it sound amazing?


Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, a group of islands south of Italy and east of Africa. Malta is a summer destination for sure, with crystal clear waters, beautiful views, and plenty of summer activities. You can relax on the beaches, as well as swim, surf, and kayak. And since Malta was ruled by many different empires in its history, there is plenty to learn about this island’s history through visiting museums, temples and archeological sites, and forts and towers. Indulge in tasty Mediterranean food (oh, it’s just so delicious), you’ll get the purest taste as it’s just off the coast of Italy. There is plenty to explore in Malta, with it’s 7,000 years of history. One fun fact I learned from visiting Malta’s travel website is that it would take one whole year to visit every Maltese church, that’s insane!

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Armenia is another destination that you wouldn’t think to add to your bucket list at first thought, but from what I’ve read, it seems like a beautiful and historical place to visit. Did you know that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity, making it a place where you see some of the oldest churches?

There is plenty of adventure to be found in this country situated between Asia and Europe. Some of the fun activities you could get up to include: ziplining, paragliding, hiking, caving, rockclimbing, and rafting. And there’s plenty more for you to get up to if you want to experience an adventure. After a day of exploring, you could hit the hay, but how ’bout a night out? There are bars and clubs for you and your friends to dance the night away in the country’s capital of Yerevan. Chances are of you traveling to Armenia when a festival is going on is pretty high as there are many schedule throughout the year. There’s a ecotourism festvial, an international tango festival, blueberry festival, arts and crafts festival, and plenty more to get enriched with Armenian culture. And you’ll have to try out Armenian food, it looks delicious, and pair it with their local wines and spirits.

There are plenty more off the beaten path destinations for the wanderlust to explore. Many cities are overridden with tourism, to the point where it’s taking a toll on it’s history. So many spots are crowded with people and while this is good for the economy, it may not be the best when it comes to tampering historical landmarks and locations. Instead of traveling to these places, perhaps try out one or all of these off the beaten path destinations that are worthy of being in the spotlight, and much less crowded.

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