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10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

July outfits, 10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

Tired of that old American flag shirt you’ve had for years and only take out on the 4th of July? Well, this is is the year to switch it up and upgrade your 4th of July outfit! The first thought in people’s heads is to wear any American flag clothing they own, but that’s not the case. Wearing colors like red white and blue in different ways can be super cute and festive at the same time. It’s time to step up that style and wow your friends with this year’s 4th of July outfit!

1. Bathing Suit

If you are like me and have worn that same American flag bikini top every year on the 4th of July, then it’s time to switch it up. If you are spending your 4th of July poolside or at the beach, you can’t go wrong with a festive bathing suit! Try keeping it simple with a plain red, white, or blue one. This will look super cute and festive as well. You can even switch up the colors and do white bottoms and a blue top! However you like it, this will look so good! You can even wear it with a white cover-up that will be perfect for the occasion! Adding fun accessories to this like a jean jacket, bandana, and sunglasses will add an extra aspect to this outfit. 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

2. Denim 

You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts or even some jeans. Since most denim shorts are already light blue this is perfect! If you are looking to have the perfect outfit for the occasion, then denim shorts is what you want! Pair these with a simple white tank top and you are set! Sometimes the simpler the outfit, the better. You don’t want to overdo on the 4th of July accessories, so keeping it plain will go a long way. You can wear jeans or jean shorts to so many different occasions, this is perfect for a cookout or trip to the beach! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

3. Slogan Tee

There are so many slogan tees out during the 4th of July. From T-shirts that say USA to ones that say Happy 4th, they’re so many cute ones that you can make into a super fun outfit. You can even get creative and cut a t-shirt to crop it. This is a great shirt to pair with a pair of jean shorts! This will be a comfortable outfit that is perfect for a party. It is also perfect for taking cute Insta pictures in!  

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

4. A Sun Dress

The 4th of July doesn’t always mean dressing up in red white and blue stripes. Try spicing it up this year and getting a cute sundress!  They’re so many white sundresses available for occasions like this. If you want to add some accessories to the dress, try adding a pair of cute blue or red sandals to make it more festive! Since it will be warm out, a sundress is perfect for the beach, a BBQ, or going to watch the fireworks. You will need to add a sundress to your shopping list very soon! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

5. Red, White, And Blue Stripes

Wearing stripes might be one of the best ideas for your 4th of July outfit! If you are wanting to wear a cute and festive outfit, then break out your favorite red, white, or blue striped shirt and throw it on! A striped tank top is such a cute look that is easy to pair with other pieces. You can wear this with denim shorts, white shorts, or even a cute skirt. If you do not have a stripped tank top, a pair of striped shorts work just as well! With a white top, this look can be so perfect for any event. This is a great way to show some 4th of July pride and look great at the same time! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

6. Tie-Dye

The 4th of July can be a time where you get creative with your outfit! If you are looking to have an original outfit, then try tie-dyeing a t-shirt.  Get red, white, and blue dye and get designing. It will come out so cool and will be just right for the occasion! You can crop the shirt if you want and wear it with some high rise jean shorts. This will be a casual but super cute outfit! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

7. DIY Outfit

Are you feeling extra creative? Well, go find an old pair of jeans or jean shorts and start turning them into the greatest 4th of July outfit ever! Start by planning some ideas on what to do to them and then execute! You can draw or paint a flag, stars, or even stripes. Another idea is to sew on little patches and make your jeans super cute! There are so many ways to get a cute design onto your jeans. If you get transfer paper and print out stars or whatever print you would like, you can easily iron on the print! This is a great idea that will be fun to put together and will be perfect for the 4th of July. 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

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8. Coordinating Outfits With Your Besties

A super cute idea for you and your besties is to plan coordinating outfits to wear on the 4th of July. This could be wearing on the same colors, tops, jewelry, or bathing suits. You can all plan to maybe wear blue tops with white shorts or however you want! Your 4th of July outfits can be so fun to plan and you can all get matching sunglasses or bandanas to make them all look alike. This will look so cute in pictures and will be something fun for you all to do together! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

9. Add A Bandana

Adding a bandana to any outfit can be the perfect end touch that it needed! This is a great way to add an extra aspect to your outfit to make it fun and festive. You can tie it in your hair like a headband and tie a little bow on top. Another way to wear them is in your ponytail. You can tie it around the elastic and let it hang with your hair. Red bandanas are so common and you might find one laying around your house. This can add that perfect pop of color to your outfit to make it fun! 

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can complete a whole look! Adding a pair of cute and festive sunglasses can be a great way to add to your 4th of July outfit. They make ones in different shapes like hearts and circles. They can come in red, white, or blue which is perfect! These will look so cute in pictures you take and can really complete your perfect 4th of July look!

10 Of The Cutest 4th Of July Outfits

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday to celebrate with friends and family! Wearing the perfect outfit is so important for a fun and festive look. Let us know what you think of these outfits in the comments below! 

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