10 Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

Having a relationship in college can be tricky. It can be difficult to judge whether a person is acting a certain way due to stress or not wanting to commit to the relationship anymore. There are signs that definitely point to an ending relationship. Keep reading for 10 obvious signs your relationship is ending.

1. They do not love you for you anymore

When you first fall in love, you fall in love with the person, not their achievements or what they promise to become. However, if a relationship becomes conditional (i.e. “I love you because we have sex once a week”), it becomes toxic. Love needs to be unconditional and purposely placing conditions on love can be a sign of a relationship ending.

2. They are not working on improving themselves

Most relationships allow each person to grow alongside the other. However, if the other person is not putting in the effort to include you in things that will help you both grow, your relationship is likely ending, especially if they do these activities with other friends or potential partners.

Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

3. You do not see them in your future, or vice versa

If you cannot see yourself in each other’s future, or you no longer can, your relationship is likely over. Do not bother wasting time on a relationship that is not going anywhere outside of a relationship. This one is definitely the hardest pill to swallow.

4. You feel like you cannot trust the person

Trust is a huge part of a relationship. Hardships come up, but if something difficult comes up that makes you question whether or not you can trust them, or vice versa, your relationship is not built on solid ground and is sure to end soon.

Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

5. They are not willing to change themselves, yet expect you to

If they constantly point out your flaws or things you need to work on, and you make an effort to change those things but they do not change the things you bring up for them, the relationship is one-sided. This shows that they are not committed and do not care about your views and the effort you are making.

6. They are selfish

Love is meant to be sacrificial and compromising. However, if your partner is suddenly not willing to make sacrifices for you or is not doing things to make you happy, they are likely looking for an out of the relationship.

Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

7. Making plans is one-sided

Making plans to spend time with each other needs to be a two-way street, and giving up free time needs to happen for both of you. However, if you feel like you are the only one making plans or allotting special time each week to spend with your significant other while the other is putting you into “leftover” time,” they are not worth the effort.

8. They are constantly pointing out flaws

Nobody is perfect. In a relationship, there may be things that need to be changed from both parties to make the relationship grow. However, if you are constantly pointing out each other’s flaws or are nitpicking things you used to be able to overlook, it may be time for your relationship to end.

Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

9. Lack of affection

This does not only refer to physical affection, especially if your relationship is not one that has been super physical. If you used to call each other cute pet names or send “I love you” texts all the time but suddenly stop, your relationship may be on its final countdown.

10. You ultimately want different things in a relationship

If one person wants someone they will eventually marry while the other person only wants someone to have sex with every so often but no long-term plans, this is a definite red flag. A solid relationship is one where both parties want the same things in life.

Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

Can you think of any more signs your relationship is ending? Let us know down below!
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