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10 Nuggets of Wisdom I Wish I Had Known In High School

10 Nuggets of Wisdom I Wish I Had Known In High School

Peeps! I may not be a wise old sage but I do have some tidbits about high school life. It was not THAT long ago I swear. There are so many things I wish I knew back then that would have helped me significantly. But instead of having many #ragrets, I think sharing some nuggets of wisdom is a much better and more productive idea! This is what I got! Hope you enjoy! Get learnt!

1. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone 

Disclaimer: I am not out here telling you to go drinking drugs and throw yourself out of a window because of the Yolo life. If you are looking for that, you’ve come to the wrong place. What I am saying is the time in your life to challenge yourself and your current state of mind. Try a new club, make a new friend from a different group (because of fack cliques). The more you get out there and explore your microcosm known as high school, the richer of an experience you will have. 

2. Listen to Your Slept On Homies 

What if I told you that someday your parents/guardians/caregivers will become some of your best friends?! If you are in high school, you are loling all over the place. But people in your 20s, I bet many of you are catching what I am throwing. So I know parents may seem like they are trying to ruin everything fun that occurs in your life constantly, but they are really just looking out for you. Yeah, yeah roll your eyes. But they love you. They may not know all the trends or who is popping on the music charts, but they have plenty of life advice for you. They are people too, I know it can be hard to see that, but you can have a great time with them. It is possible. 


10 nuggets of wisdom i wish I knew in high school

3. Do you, boo-boo 

Try your HARDEST  not to worry about anyone else is doing because they are not you. Peer pressure and gossip are EVERYWHERE in high school. Believe me, I felt it too. I felt like I had to do and say so many different things just to be accepted by my peers. At first, it can seem great to fit in, but at the end of the day, I knew I was just lying to myself. It did not help my self-esteem whatsoever as well. Try your best to do things that make you happy.  Be yourself. No matter what people (unless you are hurting yourself or others, that is not very cash money). Staying away from peer pressure will make you a happier and healthier person. TRUST ME. 

4. Social media is just one perspective 

Everyone is posting nowadays. Even your grandma is. WHOA. Social media is just one perspective on someone’s life. So if you feel like comparing yourself to other people on social media, remember that is just one small faction of someone’s life. That person controls what they put out there and nobody knows what is truly going on in that person’s life unless they decide to share it. It is important to remember that social media only shows one side so it makes it easier not to compare yourself with each other. Social media can be awesome when you can connect to people you love, share and collect interesting information, but try not to use it to measure yourself as a person. It will leave you very sad if you chose to use it that way. 

10 nuggets of widsom I wish I knew in high school

5. Practice Makes Better

Nobody starts out an expert at anything. I know that seems like common sense but I wish someone told me that when I was younger. I never thought I was good at anything because I tried out for many different activities in high school and never made them. I became so frustrated and just got really down on myself. What I didn’t realize is that if I practiced the skills beforehand, I would have been much better off. This can be applied to different situations in high school such as studying for tests or learning a new skill. Even though it is understandable to be frustrated when you do not get something at first, keep practicing and trying. Because the more you practice a skill, the better you will become eventually. Just takes a little motivation/ Motivation saves this nation. 


6. Actually, talk to your teachers 

Your teachers in high school don’t just exist to stress you out with work. They can actually be resources for you at the school. They can end up being your teammate through the academic part of high school. They are people that can actually have good advice. It is always good to get another perspective on life from an intelligent person. Give it a shot. If you are worried about being a teacher’s pet just remember you can laugh at those goons when you have golden nuggets of wisdom in your hands from your teachers. 

10 nuggets of wisdom I wish i knew In high school

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7. A lot of things do not matter in the long run

Okay, so things will happen in high school that will ABSOLUTELY suck ass. Don’t get me wrong. I feel you on the shit you are going through, it be tough. Your significant other breaks up with, the person you thought was going to be your friend forever ditches you (or you ditch them), you fail a class, you embarrass yourself hardcore in front of multiple people, etc. It will not matter in the years to come. I swear. What will matter is how you reacted to these situations, reflect on your mistakes, grow and become a better, stronger person. You go through these experiences so you can become a stronger person. Life is going to keep happening, so don’t sweat the small stuff. 

8. If You Need Help, Ask for It 

As an adolescent, and even now, I struggled with low self-esteem. They were many, many times that I felt absolutely worthless and that people’s lives would be better if I weren’t in them. These are scary, sad thoughts. I did not have the proper resources or language to ask for help at the time for my depression, but if you are feeling this way or like something is not okay, reach out. It is okay to not be okay, it is true. There are resources for us out there to help. Do not go through this alone, because you are not. I feel you from the bottom of my Italian soul of how you feel. Things do not get easier, but you can get better. Going to therapy can help immensely, where we can learn healthy coping mechanisms and better ways to talk to ourselves.  If you want to find a therapist in your area, psychology today has a great resource tool for that. Also, if you are feeling very depressed or suicidal, please talk to someone you trust or call   1-800-273-8255. You are loved. If the universe didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be here. Help is out there. You can do this. 

9. Find the RIGHT people 

High school is a time where everyone wants to be feel accepted. There are some people who you feel like you have to be friends with or you want to be friends but they make you feel like straight ass. If it for social status, the friendship/ relationship is not worth it. They may not care about your wellbeing or the things you are into/care about. True friends will make you feel good about yourself and accept and love you for who you are. Those people will be your friends for a long time. You will be each other’s teammates and will support you through everything. Find THOSE people. 


10. Be Here Now 

As this world, because super hypercompetitive, I know for many it is easy to get caught up in the future. College prep, ACT/SATs, and colleges, it can be so overwhelming. Try your best, lean on your loved ones and homies for support and remember to be here now. Be present. Be in the moment. Because even if you are racing to get the f out of there, adulthood is a trap. Enjoy the shenanigans that is high school as much as you can. Because one day you will miss it. Live it up now. 

10 nuggests of wisdom I wish I knew in high school

I hope you all enjoyed my nuggets of wisdom and can apply it to your life! For my graduates, what are some of your advice to the young whippersnappers? Let’s spread that knowledge like peanut butter on a dank PP&J sandwich! 

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