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NSNG- All The Things You Need To Know About The No Grain, No Sugar Diet

NSNG is the ‘New Diet Fad’ that is sweeping the nation. It has had a success story over success story, with people all over contributing their weight loss and overall health to the program. The NSNG program is a diet program that eliminates grains and sugars from the diet. 

Vinnie Tortorich & NSNG

The NSNG program was created by Vinnie Tortorich. Vinnie Tortorich founded the program when he worked in Hollywood training actors and building bodies for movies. As a champion athlete with a physical education degree from Tulane University to a personal trainer in New Orleans and Los Angeles, Vinnie has spent years creating healthy lifestyles for clients and has seen every diet fad out there however, one thing has always been true. Sugars and grains have no place in a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle. 

To create healthy lifestyles and eating habits for celebrities, Vinnie would tell them that they could eat whatever they wanted as long as it did not contain sugars or grains. At the time he knew that this was the best method for losing weight. He did not yet know the health benefits that are associated with this type of eating. 

Changing of a Lifestyle

In 2007, Vinnie was diagnosed with Leukemia. He luckily beat it and came out wiser along the way. He realized as he was fighting this terrible disease that his body required more vitamins and protein and fewer sugars and carbohydrates. His doctor recommended that he cut out sugars and grains, as well as most carbs. He did just that and more.

NSNG is Born

Vinnie cut out all sugars, carbs, and grains and realized that he had more energy and was able to be even more athletic than before cancer. He also noticed that after a long workout his body was less inflamed and less sore. His joints and muscles did not hurt and he actually began to perform better and better. He then realized that this was a phenomenal lifestyle choice for himself and one that helped him to obtain weight loss and his fitness goals. Vinnie began working with clients introducing his new meal plan based around the NSNG program and people started to see immediate results. 

When working with Vinnie’s plan, most people were searching for weight loss. They did not expect that they would see improvement in symptoms related to diseases such as Fatty Liver Disease, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and high Triglycerides with an increase in energy without the highs and lows that have been seen associated with other programs. Vinnie and his clients also did not experience being hungry, they were constantly content and enjoyed a significant change in their physical performance and actually enjoyed exercising. This allowed them to look and feel better in their everyday life. 

What is the NSNG Program?

The NSNG program’s entire focus is to cut out any form of processed grains and sugar. This means you don’t eat bread, rice, pasta, ice cream- essentially eliminating everything that does not process well in the body or give you necessary nutrients. The NSNG program puts an emphasis on healthy, fulfilling food with healthy fats and vital nutrients. If you like bacon, steak, and beef jerky, this diet just may be the one for you. The NSNG diet is very close to the Keto diet, which requires the body to have less than 35 grams of carbs or 25 grams of net carbs per day to maintain ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body is primarily burning fat as fuel.

The best thing is, this program does not require you to track anything. The only thing to remember is if it is a processed grain or sugar, you cant eat it. If it isn’t, go for it! Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are satisfied. This plan is simple which is a huge benefit to the program and can help to make the program a lifestyle with a healthy, whole food diet. 

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Meal Samples

Vinnie has an entire program that he has dedicated to the NSNG lifestyle. The program contains tips, tricks, recipes, meal plans, and even exercise plans that are available for purchase. If you are not looking to purchase the program, eating a balanced diet that eliminates grains and sugars will allow you to reap the benefits from the program. Breakfast meals include scrambled eggs and bacon, Lunch includes grilled chicken salad, crunchy walnuts, and cherry tomatoes, and dinners include sweet potatoes, delicious steaks, and roasted broccoli. Eating foods that are high in good fats, low in carbohydrates, and do not contain sugar is a sure-fire way to maintain healthy eating habits while allowing your body to process foods that give it proteins and vital nutrients.

The best part of NSNG is that it is easy! It is easy to transform your lifestyle to fit this way of eating as it essentially just eliminates everything that we know is bad for us. High carbs, high grain, high sugar. When you use this program you are still able to eat foods that you enjoy and do not have to create limiting lifestyle changes. 

A Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle

The NSNG program is an excellent way to eat healthy and sustainable food without being too restrictive. It allows you to get more bang for your buck when it comes to grocery shopping, which is fulfilling meals that will keep you full and healthy longer. NSNG is a great place for someone who has tried diet after diet with no success as it is easy to follow and comes with actual results.

Like any diet or meal plan, consulting with a doctor about NSNG or a new exercise plan as they may have feedback for you that could affect your success rate or health. Make sure that your body can handle a lifestyle change such as this before proceeding with any diet or lifestyle program. This program is meant to be a lifestyle-changing program, not a quick fix diet plan. It is meant to be slow because it uses healthy eating to create a healthy body overall.

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