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What NOT To Do At UCF Orientation

What NOT To Do At UCF Orientation

Orientation is something everyone has to do. Here are things NOT to do at UCF orientation, to hopefully help improve your experience (as much as possible).

Freshman orientation is something everyone has to go through, whether you like it or not, and trust me, you probably won’t like it. It’s two long days of excruciating information that no one can ever remember, you walk around so much, and you have to pay for an experience that you don’t even want to participate in. Here are 10 things NOT to do at UCF orientation, to hopefully help improve your experience (as much as possible).

1. Do not sit quietly in your orientation group.

Make friends; because even though UCF is a humongous school, you’ll see the people from your group all over campus when the semester starts.

2. Do not text during the skit about syphilis.

Not because it’s super important, which it is, but because you’ll get in trouble for being on your phone (taking it back to high school days). One of the students on the O-Team (Orientation Team) told me to put my phone away during the skit; I didn’t like him. I mean you don’t have to listen, because they can’t do anything about that; but just prevent an altercation.


3. Don’t forget to bring your phone charger.

The first day of orientation is a whole day long – literally. It’s from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. — a whopping 12 hours long. What do they talk about? I don’t remember, but for your own good, remember that cell phone charger.

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4. Don’t wear any shoes that aren’t sneakers.

There will be a lot of walking, and UCF is one of the biggest campuses, so you don’t want to be wearing sandals; they offer no support (kind of like some of the professors you’ll come across).

5. Do not wait until the last minute to put your classes in your shopping cart.

Enrolling in classes is like The Hunger Games. On the first day of orientation, your O-Teamer will tell you how to add classes to your shopping cart. Pay attention!


6. Don’t zone out when your O-Teamer is talking about Spirit Splash.

Spirit Splash is something you need to hear about. I was excited about it from June (when I did orientation) all the way until homecoming week during fall semester. Spirit Splash is a battle, and your O-Teamer is trying to prepare you.

7. Don’t zone out when you’re getting a tour of the Student Union.

Especially while your O-Teamer is talking about the Pegasus Seal that’s roped off. I mean, zone out if you want to accidentally step on it and not graduate; but if you want to be done with school in four years, open your ears.

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8. Don’t miss out on opportunities to get free stuff.

Orientation is where the free stuff begins – notepads, shirts, and bags – so keep an eye out for them.

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9. Don’t take notes on everything your O-Teamer talks about.

You will be given a sheet of paper with some lines on the back for easy notetaking. Only take notes when it comes to important information for your major, because everything else will be repeated so many times throughout your college experience.

10. Don’t forget to look up your professors on Rate My Professor before enrolling in a class.

I got in trouble for doing this with one of the assistants that was helping out with schedules, but who cares? This website is so accurate. Students that had the professor write reviews of the class in a realistic and relatable way.

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