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10 Not So Classic White Button-downs We Love For Spring 2020

10 Not So Classic White Button-downs We Love For Spring 2020

White button-downs have been around nearly as long as fashion has. Starting as a fashion trend for men that utilized attributes of the polo used in sports and a shirt that could be dressed up with a tie, the white button-down is now worn by men and women alike and isn’t just a dress shirt for work but a fashion staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.┬áThese 10 white button-downs are a mix-up from the classic button-down. These shirts will give your wardrobe a much-needed face-lift and will have you entering Spring fashionably.

1. Solid Collar Long Sleeve Blouse

This solid-collar long-sleeve blouse from Floryday gives a twist to the classic white button-down with button loopholes extending from the seem that accentuate the collar bone and give a more casual look making the blouse easily dressed up or down. This blouse pairs nicely with high-wasted jeans, dress pants or pencil skirt.


2. Shirred Silk Shirt

This Shirred Silk Shirt from Everlane is perfect for all seasons, especially Spring. With hidden buttons and flowing sleeves, this shirt can easily be dressed up or down. This blouse can be worn with shorts pants or a skirt depending on the season and where you’re going. The shirred silk shirt comes in four colors, is $98 and a must-have for your closet this Spring!

3. Central Shirt

This Central Shirt in pure white is the perfect button-down for spring. With buttons that stop 2/3 the way up and short sleeves with large armholes, this shirt is the absolute casual twist to the stiff button up! This shirt can be worn with your favorite jeans, capris or shorts to create the ultimate springtime look. The Central Shirt in pure white is $65 and sold on Madewell’s site.


4. Frayed Hem Shirt Tail Button Down

This button-down from Bella Dahl is perfect for Springtime with its lightweight material, low buttons and button sleeves for when it’s that heat kicks in. This button-down has a large pocket and frayed edges, which makes it trendier than your typical button-down. Its price is $128 but don’t fret because the site lets you pay 4 installments of $32 dollars if you’re on a budget but don’t think you can live without this button-down!


5. Solid Lantern Sleeve Casual Shirt

This casual shirt from Chicme is affordable and elegant looking. If you’re looking four a white button-down that makes a statement and will class-up any outfit, this is it. With its gold buttons and accentuated sleeves, this shirt would look perfect with a pencil skirt or your favorite high-waisted jeans. At $18.99 this shirt is a steal and a must for your closet this Spring.

6. Long Sleeve Blouse With Pocket Detail

This long sleeve blouse with pocket detail from Asos Design is light-weight, casual and the ideal accent to any Spring outfit. With its V-neckline, hidden buttons and sheer material, this blouse will set you apart without making you stand out. This blouse is very versatile and can be tucked into any of your most-worn shorts, pants or skirts. At $40, this blouse is a must-have for your Spring wardrobe!


7. Courier Button-Back Shirt

This Button back shirt gives the ultimate twist to your standard button-down. With a courier style back, v-opening and v-neck collar, this shirt definitely makes a statement compared to the average button-down. This shirt pairs nicely with your favorite leggings, shorts or capris. This shirt from Madewell is $65 and is available in all sizes.

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8. New Look Button Through Shirt

This button-through shirt from Asos gives a refined twist to the standard button-down. With buttons that go all the way up to the neck, a collar, long sleeves, and sheer material, this shirt will look great in formal and informal situations. You can wear this shirt with your favorite mom-jeans or a high-waisted skirt. At $21 this blouse is the ultimate Spring fashion to add to your closet now.


9. Cotton Courier Shirt

This Courier shirt by Madewell can be found at Nordstrom and is now on sale! With two large pockets, short sleeves and an elongated back, this shirt is great for Springtime and even better -it looks good with leggings. You can wear this shirt tucked in to high-waisted jeans or shorts, or where them over thick leggings. This shirt is very flattering and the perfect piece to start exploring button-downs for spring. The Cotton Courier Shirt is $48.75 and can be found on the Nordstrom site.

10. Pleated Oxford Shirt

This pleated shirt from Gap offers a twist to the standard button-down with its pleated fabric around the buttons that go all the way to the neck. Most button-downs like this one have a collar and this collar-less shirt is the perfect way to step into Spring fashionably without the business-look other button-downs have. You can wear this button-down with high-waisted pants, a skirt or shorts. This shirt is now on sale on Gap’s website for $42 so get it while you can!


Which of these button-downs are you dying to try this Spring? Tell us in the comments below:

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