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6 Not-So-Basic Ideas For Christmas Gifts

6 Not-So-Basic Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Shopping for Christmas gifts but sick of the same old, same old? Take a look at these 6 not-so-basic Christmas gift ideas!

So it’s Christmas. Again. And call me Scrooge, but let’s be real—holiday shopping is kind of the WORST. You’re tired of trying to find original clothing to give to friends and you know for a fact someone already got your best friend the ONE thing she had on her wish list. You refuse to buy another pair of fuzzy socks and to top it all off, you actually have to budget. Don’t give up hope. There actually are gifts to be given that don’t come with the “same old” label. Here are 6 not-so-basic ideas for christmas gifts that are anything but boring.


1. Engraved Jewelry

Let’s talk about jewelry. Jewelry can be hard to buy for people because you run the risk of giving something that will only be worn once or twice. However, in my frantic search for holiday gifts, I stumbled upon some hidden gems on Etsy – engraved necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Tasteful and memorable, how can you go wrong?

Not convinced? Here are some other reasons they make good gifts.

  • Some sellers on Etsy have really good prices and stellar reviews, so you know the jewelry isn’t of bad quality.
  • They’re customizable. Give your friend a necklace engraved with coordinates of where you met (a great idea for friends you met abroad or in college). Surprise your mom with a charm bracelet, where the charms have the initials of her kids.
  • There are often a variety of chain lengths, finishes and designs to choose from.

2. “What I Love About You” Jar

What else? Don’t go all Grinch on me until you read this through, but DIY gifts are also pretty unique. I know they are generally more of a hassle than anything, but these two ideas for christmas gifts are relatively simple and say a lot more than a Forever 21 sweater ever could.

What you’ll need:
  • Cute scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors and a pen
  • A mason jar or any kind of jar you like
  • A spirit of appreciation and you’re set.

Cut strips, hearts or circles and write a word, sentence, or memory on it and repeat until you feel like stopping. Toss them all in that jar, maybe make a label for it and you have the perfect gift for a good friend, significant other, parent or sibling.


3. A Photo Banner

For a good holiday/housewarming gift, print out some photos and string them together to make a photo banner. You definitely have some friends who would love a gift like this to spice up their dorm room or apartment. As they’re easy to stack up and take with you, they’re good ideas for christmas gifts for friends who are moving away or going abroad.

4. Artwork

And for all my creatives out there, why not make the most of your poetry or art portfolios and make copies for your grandparents or parents as gifts. Put them in a nice frame, and viola – a Christmas gift like no other. Literally.

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5. College Gear

Now we’ve come to college gear. I know campus stores are always overpriced, but they are guaranteed to have a few sale days. Take advantage of them! One of my favorite articles of clothing is a UVA sweatshirt my best friend gave me for Christmas last year. Students usually give their parents school apparel, but why not give a t-shirt to a friend this year? Bonus: they’ll probably think of you whenever they wear it!

6. Groupon

And then there’s Groupon. Yes, your mother and all her middle aged friends use Groupon extensively. No, that does not mean you should stay away from it. Groupon is great. And maybe you’ll get to reap the benefits of it too. Dinner at that awesome rooftop place in the city? Get that for the boyfriend (because obviously you’ll be his date). Spa day for two? Get this for mom and maybe she’ll be so thankful she’ll brings you along too.

 Christmas is so near it’s almost here. Most of these gifts won’t even require you to leave your living room (or the library, if you’re holed away studying for finals). Try out these gifts and I promise you’ll be a big hit this holiday season.

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Did you love any of these ideas for christmas gifts? Let us know down below!

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