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What NOT To Do At SFSU Orientation

What NOT To Do At SFSU Orientation

It's really important that you're on your A game when you go to SFSU orientation. Here are some things you should definitely NOT do while you're there.

Things can sometimes go wrong during this type of stuff, so it’s really important that you’re on your A game when you go to orientation at SFSU. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for the day; however, most of that is straightforward. On the other hand, here are some things you should definitely NOT do at SFSU orientation.

1. Don’t wear a sarcastic t-shirt.

So you got your t-shirt as a graduation present and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear it. What do you know? Orientation is just around the corner. All the people that see it will surely see how hilarious you are and want to be your friend (not to mention that you’ll be taking your school ID picture that SFSU doesn’t let you retake), right? Save any iffy t-shirts for move in day; you’ll get more laughs then for sure.

2. Don’t be late.

Whether you’re coming from nearby or traveling across the country, never underestimate the amount of traffic students can cause. Leave at least an hour before you think you should, so you can avoid being abandoned at your meeting spot. No one likes any stragglers, and you’ll miss the dope dance party that all the other freshmen will be at.


3. Don’t try to hook up with people.

Simple as that.


4. Don’t be antisocial.

Oh, hey look at that; they split you up from your mom. Don’t just bury your head in your phone. It sure seems like a good plan, but you’re neglecting the fact that breakfast would be really boring without someone to hate life and slam coffee down with. Think of your future; there is at least one other person there who is faking it as much as you.


5. Don’t just eat what you’re used to.

You get a meal voucher that works for a number of different things. Just because you see a grilled cheese sandwich, doesn’t mean it’s the only edible thing on the list. This was how I tried Pho for the first time. Sure, it was college campus Pho, but it was still pretty phoking good. This is a great way to take a small view into all of the food that San Francisco has to offer.

6. Don’t enroll in English 114.

When it comes down to picking your classes, you’re going to be put in a computer lab for an hour until you’re able to figure out what classes your first semester is going to include. Accelerated college courses made for freshmen sound scary at first, but in reality they are not any harder than an AP class. If you’re offered to take a class that covers two semesters worth of English, you had better accept that offer. You will regret not doing it when your friends finish two years worth of English, and you’re barely done with the first year requirement.

7. Don’t smoke or drink.

Seriously, just don’t.

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8. Don’t leave your orientation group to explore.

Your orientation group will most definitely do some cheesy ice breakers in order to make the group less awkward. You might be tempted to turn the corner and explore the school instead of participate with the group, but you’d be wasting a valuable resource, or end up getting lost. You can ask about what goes on at the school, and you’ll get a legitimate answer since other students are in charge of these groups. Also, what’s the worst that can happen if you play the Boat is Sinking? You might even make a friend through it.


9. Don’t forcibly make friends.

Not everyone is going to want to be your friend, and you shouldn’t want to be friends with everyone there. If you find one person who you connect with easily, call it a win and try and hang out with them. On the other hand, if someone is clearly not feeling it or they don’t seem very interesting, just leave them alone. It’s better to have one buddy who is actually pretty chill, than a bunch of “buddies” that each hate you for a different reason.

10. Don’t show up without a bag.

A backpack or bag is essential for this experience. You’ll be given a bunch of papers that you won’t want to be carrying in your hand the whole time. While this seems like something straightforward, there will be at least one person there who is walking around with a mess of papers just chilling in their hand. Don’t be that person, and be prepared (this should also include a water bottle).

What are some other things you should not do at SFSU Orientation? Share in the comments below!
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