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What NOT To Do Your First Week of College

What NOT To Do Your First Week of College

The first week of college can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath, and follow these easy steps to help you navigate your new world.

1. Do not stay in your room.

You may be homesick but the only way to feel better is to get out there and try to make friends and join clubs.

2. Do not wait to meet your counselor.

Meet your counselor, ask questions, start a rapport, and look at what you need to graduate. Continue to check in throughout the year.


3. Do not try to take on too many courses.

Extracurricular activities and other engagements are also a part of the college experience.

4. Do not show up late to class.

It is disruptive and does not make a good first impression. Scout out where your classes will be the day before or wake up earlier to assure your promptness.

5. Do not show up unprepared.

Other than being late, this is not a good first impression to your professor.


6. Do not stay in a class that is uncomfortable or extremely challenging.

Trust yourself. While you may know more than you think, no one wants to struggle to pass a class when they can switch into something else they are interested in. Take advantage of your college’s options.

7. Do not only take classes for your major.

Some of the best classes will not involve the subject you’re in school for.

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8. Do not party too much.

There are a lot of parties on and off campus. Trust me, there will always be parties. You don’t have to go to them all the first week of college.

9. Do not ignore your parents’ calls.

They love you and want to make sure you’re safe. If they call too often, try to agree on a certain number of times they check in.


10. Do not try to be anyone else.

There is no one else like you. People will gravitate to people who are themselves, so embrace yourself!

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