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Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

You just handed in your last final exam or paper for the semester. One step closer to graduation, and a step even closer to spring break. Now all that’s left to do is relax, catch some of those much-needed z’s, and make wonderful memories to look back on.

Depending on where you choose to spend your time, spring break booking can be a hassle. If you would rather stay busy and not at home, it’s no fun having to worry about crazy prices after just stressing out about getting all your work done before the break. If you’re not as much of a planner as I am, have no fear. This is your timeline to make sure the minute you step into spring break, the only thing you have to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes and say “Ahh.”

Start everything early!

This spring break booking tip is probably the most important This means your destination of choice, flights, where you’re going to be staying, everything like that. Especially during spring break, planning ahead and confirming it all will be one thing lifted off of your shoulders. Call the folks to ask if you can bring however many guests you’re proposing to the house. Book that hotel or Airbnb early, because, chances are, the prices for however long you’re staying there will most likely skyrocket if done right at finals week. And especially keep in mind the amount of homework that could only get more stressful as the semester/quarter goes to those last assignments/tests.

Find the right people

Try to keep it small to lower the spring break booking costs, depending on where your destination is. You don’t even have to leave your dorm/apartment. You and your crew can stay behind to avoid the worry of too much planning, wander around and get to know your college town. You’re living there so much for school/work that it’s practically become a second home. You might as well enjoy it like it is home.

If you’re just driving the whole gang home with you, depending on where you live, the only reimbursements might be a seat of the car and gas money. But if it’s a trip that you’re going more out of your way to, then go back to the first step, keep in mind how much the cost of plane tickets are within a good amount of time.

And, it’s not just the amount of people you bring with you, but the energy around them of any sort. If you think anyone would cause you any stress, then keep in mind how they’ll be when you’re on this one trip with them for a decent amount of time.

Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

Make a bucket list

This next tip will lift another weight off your shoulders in terms of spring break booking. Go to however many bars or nightclubs the destination you’re going to provides Go to that rave, or multiple if one or more artists are coming to the town near you. All safely, or course. If you’re going out of the country, you’re going to want to explore every inch of the wonderful unknown. Such an experience is one that should be remembered for all that you got to enjoy. And it’s not only to keep everything in check but also just to get even more excited about this spring break experience. And, who knows, it could be the motivation to get you through the stress of the amount of school work you have on your plate.

Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

Plan a budget to stick to

It’s especially easy to go off the rails if you’re spending money to go out of your way, on top of the money you might spend if you plan to go a lot. If you’re of age, get an idea of how much you might want to spend alcohol, or if you plan to go to a concert/rave or two. Remember how much you’re also spending on groceries, etc., on the side of planning everything for spring break, both before and after. whether you work or get an allowance from your family to basically live, it’s not fun having to barely scrape by for food or any school supplies you might need the next term.

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Use apps

If this is a brand-new place, especially if you’re going out of the country, it’s important to keep navigation in mind. From personal experience, apps such as Waze, and Maps by Google have been known to be very reliable And, it’s not just for planning ahead to where you’re checking off on your bucket list. It’s also to prevent you from looking like one of those travelers. And, if you grew up in a big city like I did, you know what kind of people I’m talking about. Some cities may take kindly to tourists, others may not. Which leads to the next pinpoint of the spring break booking timeline.

Be aware of your surroundings

Going somewhere that you haven’t been before is definitely a fun experience, as it should be. But, if you’re one to get lost easily, or caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can make for a scary situation. It’s also why it’s important to keep a small group of friends, as well as a charged phone, with you at all times, especially if your way of having fun is partying hard. Everyone needs people to have their backs in an intense situation. And, if you must separate for any reason, stay in stable communication about when and where to meet up at the end of your evening.

Have fun!

This probably goes without saying, but it is the most important thing to remember on this spring break adventure. Breathe, enjoy yourself and have a blast. If that entails partying hard, then party hard! If your ideal spring break is kicking back than going out, then kick it hard! You’ve really earned that you-time after giving it your all this term. You’re one step closer to finishing that unforgettable journey in your life. You might as well enjoy it when you can. Because adulting can give you a hard slap in the face after you finish college. Trust me, it can hit you without warning.

Not A Planner? We’ve Mapped Out Your College Spring Break Booking Timeline For 2020

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