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5 Nostalgic Products Making Their Way Back

Fashion, toys, hairstyles, and more are inching their way back into the scene. Fads and styles are ever-revolving, and who knew some of these things would be back and in full force now? With modern upgrades and some mild changes, these nostalgic items are taking the retail markets by storm. Check out these five nostalgia products making their epic return. 

1. Fanny Packs

In the 1980s and 1990s, fanny packs were a thing of tourists and ravers. It was a fashion statement that came in different colors, designs, and more. People stored wallets, money, simple cosmetics, and other small personal items. Fanny packs faded out. However, in recent years fanny packs are making their way back to the scene. BoxLunch, Hot Topic, and other stores are selling them. Fanny packs adorning favorite characters and colors are spanning the stores for $20.00 to $30.00 on average.  Loungefly is producing amazingly wearable fanny pack designs. Some celebrities are creating a new trend of wearing the fanny pack over the shoulder. Either way,  we are not sure how long this fad will continue, but with the numerous choices of adorable characters, colors, and designs, we can’t say we hate the idea of this resurrected fashion trend.

2. Tamagotchi/ Tamagotchi On

Tamagotchi’s are making their way back to the scene with new designs and implementing cellphones and applications. Tamagotchi minis hit the shelves in the past year, but Tamagotchi also created a new version of the old classic. Tamagotchi On comes in various colors and themes from fairy to mage. Recently, a Wonderland theme was released. The larger Tamagotchi connects to the phone and uses an app to play games, earn coins, shop, and get food for your Tama. Tamagotchi On has a colored screen, unlike its older version. You can like other people’s Tamas while you are in the park on the app, but you can also marry your Tama off once it is an adult. The Tama Party has eight Tamas in one tent, and you get to choose if you want your Tama to talk to one of the Tamas. Shortly after that, your Tama mingles with the other singles, and if you make a love match, your Tama will go through the motions of a short scene on your Tama screen showing a relationship with the other Tama and resulting in an egg. A new Tama will be born, and you will not take care of that Tama just like the one you initially raised. If you open the icon on your Tamagotchi, you can see a family tree and a photo of your new Tama and their family back to the Grandparents. You can now experience Tamagotchi like never before!

3. Motorola Razr

The Razr was a hit in the early 2000s. This phone is in and out of the scene for several years. Originally the Razr was marketed as a fashion phone due to its look. People wanting to return to the days of flip phones need to look no further. The Razr 5G phone is sold at T-mobile, AT&T, and other locations. You won’t see a physical keyboard or numeric pad built into the Razr 5G phone. Instead, you will see one large screen.  It is a great design that even other phones are now introducing as well. The Razr marries old fashion style with new technology. The Razr 5G is a smartphone disguised as an old classic.  

4. Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon and the Pokemon cards have been around since 1996. You could easily find Pokemon merchandise and video games over the years. Films and spin-off shows have graced our screens. However, the trading card game has had an upgrade in recent years. Pokemon cards have become more popular with the rate cards, foil cards, and the introduction of Vmax, Gmax, and other versions of the Pokemon. Decorated tins hit the shelves with booster packs, foil cards, collectors pins, and more. Specialty boxes with new and old Pokemon characters are selling out all over the country. Recently, the Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy Box was released. The game teaches how to play and provides a couple of premade decks. Decks of all different elemental Pokemon from various series are in retail stores and online stores. The cards are so popular that they sell out almost immediately after hitting store shelves. The newer released decks and bundles based on beloved Pokemon and Pokemon from the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Sword and Shield sell out quickly. Kids and adults alike are delving into collecting Pokemon cards, especially since the new card bundles and booster packs come with redeemable cards for the Pokemon Card Game played on tablets. Card collectors or collectors, in general, find obtaining and displaying cards a fun hobby and pastime.  A game where collecting and strategy meet it’s no wonder the Pokemon cards are flying off the shelves. Whether an avid collector, a card game player, or a Pokemon enthusiast, Pokemon cards are back with a vengeance. 

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5. Scrunchies

Scrunchies were a big fashion trend in the 1990s. Today, tight elastic hair bands are taking a backseat to the beloved soft and fluffy scrunchies we knew and loved in the 1990s. Recently Target stores launched a series of scrunchies promoted for the holidays. Bundles of satin, velour, and festive colored scrunchies were on display at the stores this holiday season. Now, large scrunchies accent buns and ponytails as an alternative to a bow. Claire’s stores have racks of scrunchies with different colors and materials to fit every desire. Satin, velour, unicorns, furry, neon colors, and more are statement pieces. Today, larger than the typical scrunchies wrap around hair elastics as a decorative expression and act as an accessory to an outfit. Accessorizing and cute fashion trends are never a thing of the past, and neither is the adorable scrunchies available today! 

Which nostalgia products and trends are you most interested in? Which products do you love and which do you think should stay a thing of the past? Are there nostalgia, products, or trends that did not make the list that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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