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10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

If you want to spice up your look the usual hair change comes. You get bangs, dye your hair, cut it tremendously short. If you really want to step out of your comfort zone and try a new look, here’s something a little more on the edge.

Here are 10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF:

1. Septum

This one adds a classy edgy vibe to your look. There are several septum hoop designs but they all truly depend on your taste.

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF


A septum piercing is one that goes through the section in-between your left and right nostril. They insert the needle in that thin layer of skin in between your nostrils, passing through the thick cartilage.

There are several Septum hoop sizes, it is recommended to start with the smallest size. There are diamond-paved beads, baltic amber beads, and circular barbells.

The circular barbell spetum piece can easily be tucked upward in your nose in a situation where the piercing is not allowed/accepted.

The average price for this nose piercing can range anywhere from 40 dollars to 60 dollars.


2. Nostril Piercing

This may be the most common. You can go several routes with this one, it is usually placed on the curvature of the nostril you’d like. The needle is inserted in the crease of the nostril where the thinnest part of the cartilage is.

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

You can choose to add a stud or a hoop. Normally body jewelry specialists recommend doing a stud first to get your nose used the piercing.

Like the spetum, there are several sizes and options to insert into your nostril piercing.


The average price for this nose piercing ranges anywhere from 30 to 80 dollars.

3.  Nasallang

A nasallang is the piecing of the three parts of your nose. The left and right nostrils as well as the septum. The three major parts of your nose are pierced through with a needle.

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

The way that the piercing looks on the outside are two studs on the curvature of your left and right nostrils. It sort of looks like two regular nostril piercing on both sides of your nose.


This piercing gives off an edgier vibe. If you’re thinking about trying out a metal/goth fashion taste, this would be the perfect piercing to add to your look!

The average price for this nose piercing is 50 to 100 dollars.

4. High nostril piercing

This piercing is similar to a nostril piercing only that it is placed a few centimeters above the natural curvature of your nostrils. The most common jewelry shapes for these piercings are studs, ‘i-shaped’ pins, and nostril screws.

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF


You can choose to have this piercing on either side of your nose. Some folks decide to double up on their piercing by having a regular nostril piercing on the left side and a high nostril piercing on the left side as well.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind needles and is fascinated with body jewelry art this may be the one for you!

The average price for this nose piercing is anywhere from 45 to 90 dollars.

5. Vertical Nose Tip

This piercing is one of the least common.  The vertical nose tip, also known as the ‘Rhino Piercing’ is a cartilage piercing. The needle is inserted vertically in the nose. The stud is seen on the tip of the nose and the cartilage at the bottom of your nose that divides your left and right nostril.

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10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

If you want a conversation starter, this is the piercing to get. It is rare but truly catches attention.

The average price for this nose piercing is 50 to 100 dollars.


6. Bridge Piercing

This is a facial and nose piercing combo. The needle goes through the skin that is on the bridge of the nose. The piercing studs usually are in the inner part of your eyes.

10 Nose Piercing Studs That Are Cute AF

This piercing is also a conversation starter but truly shapes your face differently. The only problem with this nose piercing is that people who wear glasses may find complications to wear their glasses while having this nose piercing. If you wear glasses, contacts are your new best bet or choose to have a different nose piercing.

The average price for this nose piercing is 40 to 90 dollars.



Most of these nose piercings allow you to try out several types of studs on your nose. You can try out different studs to different types of piercings. You must communicate with your body jewelry expert about what studs fit a certain piercing better. As well as which studs are better to start off with to get your body used to the piercing.

You never want to start off with the stud that you want, get an expert’s opinion first. Something like getting a thicker size in a spetum ring first can truly damage your nose if you don’t start off with a smaller size.

Here is a list of stud names that may go with the piercing you’d like:

  1. Nostril Screw
  2. Nose Bone Stud
  3. Straight Barbell
  4. Curved Barbell
  5. Captive Bead Ring
  6. L -Shaped Nose Pin
  7. Nose Hoop
  8. Horseshoe
  9. Circular Barbell
  10. Baltic Amber Beads

For all the folks who are a bit hesitant to try out an actual piercing due to fear of pain or not wanting a permanent piercing, there is an alternative. You can easily go on Amazon and purchase a fake “U-shaped” nose piercing.


This can allow you to try out the look without the commitment and give it a whirl before you make the full fedge decision. It’s okay to be scared to make a big decision like that. You can try out several piercings without actually doing them.

Trying out a new look requires confidence and risk. It’s difficult to come to a decision when there are a lot of options out there. We hope these tips allowed you to create a decision for your new look.

Do you have any of these piercings? Which one of these looks are you willing to try?

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