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Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

With plant-based diets becoming more popular by the second, ice cream made with dairy alternatives are super easy to find at any supermarket…but that doesn’t mean they’re tasty. Whether you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, you shouldn’t be deprived of the sweet goodness that exists in a perfect pint of ice cream! If you scream for ice cream but haven’t found a dairy substitute you like, here are the non-dairy ice cream brands you need to try ASAP!

Ben & Jerry’s Dairy-Free Pints

This classic ice cream brand basically invented the pint as we know it. And just because you’re not eating dairy doesn’t mean you should miss out on Ben & Jerry’s most classic flavors, which are truly one of a kind! With non-dairy variations on flavors like “Cherry Garcia” or “Half-Baked,” Ben & Jerry’s has something for everyone.

Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavors are made from a few different dairy substitutes, including almond milk and sunflower butter. And the best part is that neither variations really affect the ice cream’s taste or texture, so you can enjoy all your faves without sacrificing quality! 

Halo Top

Aside from being one of the most aesthetically pleasing pints, Halo Top is also one of the most tasty of the non-dairy ice cream brands! With coconut milk as a substitute, these millennials’ choice, non-dairy pints are entirely soy-free and vegan, and come in tons of fun and creative flavors. Plus, Halo Top is high in protein and low in fat, meaning you can indulge without sabotaging your diet!

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

From classic flavors like Chocolate or Vanilla Bean to the unexpected Chocolate Almond Crunch or Candy Bar, Halo Top is the perfect date for a night in on the couch. Just grab a spoon and you’re ready to go with a tasty and low calorie treat!

McConnell’s Fine Frozen Desserts

For over 70 years, this Santa Barbara ice cream retailer has been a famous fan favorite. A few years ago McConnell’s caved to the non-dairy ice cream trend, launching a line of pea protein-based pints! Although this innovative dairy alternative isn’t the best for that authentic ice cream texture, it certainly does not lack in flavor. This sets McConnell’s apart from most dairy alternative brands, which usually resort to coconut or nut milks to achieve a dairy essence! 

Jeni’s Dairy-Free

Also a local-favorite-turned-superstar, this super cute, Ohio born ice cream brand can now be found on shelves nationwide, featuring an expansive and innovative line of non-dairy ice cream! Jeni’s Dairy-Free is famous for its creamy texture and use of high quality ingredients, making it one of the brands known for not compromising neither taste nor quality. 

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

Jeni’s Dairy-Free established itself with its coconut milk-based Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor, which pretty much tastes like the real deal. Since then, Jeni’s has launched tons of other non-dairy ice cream flavors which are both vegan and nut-allergy friendly. Plus, the brand delivers directly to customers, so order your non-dairy pint today! 

So Delicious

So Delicious is a great non-dairy choice if you’re someone who likes a variety of non-dairy ice cream flavors. The vegan brand features ice cream alternatives that are sourced from almond, cashew, coconut, oat, and soy, giving you endless options for texture and flavor! They also offer a huge line of no sugar added ice creams, so if you’re someone who’s trying to monitor their sweet tooth, look no further than to So Delicious for your next obligatory ice cream purchase.

If you want a break from pints, So Delicious also has a few different options for novelty products, like ice cream sandwiches and pops. This is definitely a good ice cream alternative for someone who likes having a lot of choices! 


Oat milk has taken the hipster world by storm in the past year, with oat-based ice cream paving the way for non-dairy brands. Oatly is the brand that arguably spearheaded this trend, and it’s become popular for a reason — the super creamy, ultra rich dairy alternative is honestly (dare I say) better than the real deal! You definitely need to stock up on this bad boy.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

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While Oatly might not be the most creative in the flavor department, its take on classics like chocolate and vanilla are sheer perfection. So if you’re someone who likes to play it safe, you’re gonna want Oatly to be your new go to ice cream substitute. It’s seriously the creamiest, silkiest non-dairy pint out there, and for that, it’s also a great option for milkshakes or dessert accompaniments. Go get your hands on some Oatly!


Avocado is one of the most unlikely dairy alternatives, but the high-fat, ultra creamy green goddess is  one of the best for recreating that authentic texture you think you could only get from the real deal. Because of that, Cado is a super delicious and good for you non-dairy ice cream option! Although you can’t taste the avo whatsoever, its texture is clearly defined. Digging your spoon into a pint of Cado is creepy-similar to spooning frosting straight out of a can, so if you like a smooth and silky ice cream texture, this brand is the answer to all your dairy-loving prayers.

Cado’s non-dairy ice cream flavors aren’t exact matches of their dairy counterparts, but they are nonetheless yummy AF. The vegan brand is, unlike a lot of dairy alternatives, safe for people with nut allergies, too, which is a huge perk. Between the classic Vanilla to more unexpected flavors, like Cherry Amaretto, Cado definitely offers a flavor for everyone!

Van Leeuwen 

The NYC-based ice cream truck established itself as an ice cream superstar more than a decade ago, becoming so popular that it started sourcing products to retailers across the country. While it wasn’t known for its non-dairy products, Van Leeuwen launched a vegan line ranging from more than a dozen coconut-, cashew-, and oat-based flavors, and since then has become insanely popular! 

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands You Need To Try ASAP

The greatest feature of Van Leeuwen’s non-dairy pints is that they include chunks of various treats (including cookie dough, pistachio, etc.) buried in the ice cream itself. If you’re someone who likes a nice bite or change of texture in your pint, this is definitely the non-dairy ice cream brand for you! 

Hopefully this list can help you navigate the frozen aisle on your next trip to the grocery store! Let us know in the comments which dairy-free pint hit the spot for you! 

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