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No Regrets: The Ultimate SUNY Oswego Orientation Bucket List

No Regrets: The Ultimate SUNY Oswego Orientation Bucket List

Starting college is a fun and adventurous time, so why not start the fun as soon as you arrive? This is the ultimate SUNY Oswego orientation bucket list!

At this point you are probably completely freaking out. Not only are you graduating from high school, a situation you have become accustomed to for the past 13 years; but you are also getting ready to leave home, long-term, for the first time in your life. Luckily, you get a small glance into college life when you attend your freshmen orientation over the summer. So, take a deep breath and relax! Orientation is a great time to explore everything SUNY Oswego has to offer, and hopefully you will even meet a few friends and have some familiar faces when you come back to campus on move-in day! Below is your official SUNY Oswego orientation bucket list: a list of must do’s while you are on campus for the first time over night!

1. See the sunset!

I promise you, it never gets old and you will never forget that view.


2. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible.

This will feel extremely uncomfortable, but do it anyway. I still talk to a bunch of people I met at orientation.

3. Play all the horrible games.

Yes, they are so weird and you will probably hate them; but they are a good memory to laugh about later.

4. Make friends with your Laker Leader.

You will see them at some point in the future. Get to know them!


5. Break away at the end of the day to take in the beauty of Lake Ontario and have a bonfire!

Grab a new friend and head down to the lake!

6. Explore campus!

Get yourself lost, more than once. This place is your home for the next 4 years. Get used to it!


7. Get that cute boy or girl’s number.

It is never a bad decision.

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8. Do something crazy at night.

It is your first of many nights in Oswego, have some fun.


9. Make sure you go to Bev’s Ice Cream before you leave!

Nothing is better than ice cream on the lake.

10. Take pictures!

This is the beginning of quite possibly the best 4 years of your life. Take it all in!


This is the ultimate SUNY Oswego orientation bucket list. What’re you plans for orientation? Share in the comments!
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