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No More Bachelor-Less Mondays: How To Throw The Perfect Bachelor Viewing Party

No More Bachelor-Less Mondays: How To Throw The Perfect Bachelor Viewing Party

Start planning your viewing parties! Colton's first night is three hours long, so make sure you have plenty of wine and snacks to go around!

It’s my favorite time of the year! Bachelor nation has been sitting on the edge of their seats for January 7th ever since Garrett proposed to Becca because Colton will be beginning his journey for love! The best part of The Bachelor (other than the drama) is getting to talk about it with all your girlfriends, so why not ring in Colton’s season with a fun viewing party!


The key to throwing the perfect Bachelor viewing party is all in the details of your decor. One must-have decoration is, of course, a rose or twelve. A fun way to use roses in your decor is taping them to your wall just like our featured photo! Another cute decoration item that you could add to your viewing party is bachelor themed balloons with little pictures of the each of the contestants holding them down or past couples! If you really want to step up your game you can order ‘The Right Reasons” doormat and have rose petals from the entrance to your viewing room making the night magical, after all, you want to make a great first impression!

Bachelor Balloons

Bachelor rug


You can’t have The Bachelor or your viewing party without drinks! Grab your group’s favorite wines and champagnes and spice them up with neat Bachelor-themed labels that you can print out yourself. For a fancy viewing party dip the edges of your glasses into pink and red sugar and grab cute paper straws! For a fun mixed drink give a Frose a try, its a pound of frozen sliced strawberries, a bottle of Moscato Rose and 2 cups of ice blended together for a perfectly sweet and cold drink! It’s the most delicious drink of the year!

Bachelor Labels

Bachelor table

Desserts and Snacks

Forget the cheese plate, get a chocolate plate! Throw some assorted chocolates on a cute serving board with some strawberries and rose petals surrounding it for the perfect dessert board look! Keep it simple with the chocolate board and spice up your table with champagne cupcakes with red frosting made to look like a rose, and if you’re feeling fancy grab some fake diamond rings to put in the center of them! For something salty add cute bags filled with popcorn to your bachelor viewing party. The last must-have party food is the dip, but add a cute twist to this classic and make a cookie dough dip served with normal and chocolate graham crackers! Let’s eat the damned things! Bachelor Chocolates Bachelor bouquet


No Bachelor viewing party is complete without the perfect outfits, and there is plenty of fun saying to go around for all the members attending your viewing party to have! My person favorites include, “Let’s do the damn thing”, “The most dramatic season yet”, and “On Mondays we watch grown men cry in limos”. Everyone is sure to be pleased to wear their shirts all season long, so get a big group order going on Etsy, or make them yourselves as a pre-bachelor prep party! My favorite “Alumni” is Raven Gates and she has a whole section of her boutique, Grey Suede, dedicated to the bachelor and it every shirt comes with a handwritten note from her! It’s your very own date card! Order from Raven here.

Bachelor Raven

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Bachelor Shirts


Make the night fun by adding some neat activities to make the commercials pass quicker and the night more fun in general! Try having everyone create their Bachelor bracket on ABC’s official site ( ) to keep everyone on the edge of their seats as they watch which girls are taking the lead! Another neat idea is to have everyone write down their “first impression rose winner” and put them in a bowl and save them to read on the final rose night to see how their girls faired during the season!

Bachelor boys

Here’s to hoping Colton’s girls are as great as Becca’s boys! (Plus these men are gorgeous to look at)
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