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No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered

No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a date any time of the year, let alone for Valentine’s Day. These six dating apps will help you find that date that you might be searching for. Whether it leads to a serious relationship or not is up to you.


Ladies, take the power this Valentine’s Day by checking this dating app out. It puts the power in the woman’s hands by having her message first. Meaning women won’t have to worry about that first message being an unwanted dick pic.

Once you match with someone, you have 24 hours to send them a message before your connection with them expires. The receiver then has 24 hours to respond and solidify the connection.

The great news with this app doesn’t end there. You can choose to search for someone romantically or for just friends. Although you should still be careful when searching for friends because people do lie from time to time.

This app isn’t just for straight people though. If you are LGTBQA then you can use this app as well! If two women match with each other, then either of them can send the first message. The same goes for two men.

The app is completely free to use and you only have to pay if you want upgraded features. Including more people to swipe left or right on, and to extend your search radius.

No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered


If you want a special night this Valentine’s Day, then you can check out Tinder. It’s one of the more famous dating apps and for a reason. There are many success stories from people on Tinder, but also many hilarious screenshots of messages gone wrong.

Tinder is most famous not for its ability to make matches made in heaven, but for one night stands and booty calls. This app is more for people who want to have sex within the next few days rather than anyone really wanting to commit.

There are a few people here and there who actually want a relationship, but if you just want a date for Valentine’s Day, then this is a good app to check out.

You can swipe left or right for about 30 or so people, after that your swipes run out for the day. You are given one super-like if you really liked a person’s profile and wanted to get their attention.

This app is mostly free, but you can pay to get more swipes and to see who super-liked you before you swipe on them.

No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered



This Valentine’s Day, you can check out this app for a date. Clover is unique from the others in that not only can you swipe left or right on someone, but you can also join groups for people who have a similar interest as you and find a date that way.

The messaging system is easy to use and you will be able to tell when the person was last online. You don’t have to match with them either to see their online presence. So no more worrying about matching with someone who isn’t online anymore or who has uninstalled the app but not deleted their profile.

You can upload as many pictures of yourself as you want and choose the top six that you want to be displayed on your profile for people to see immediately.

No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered


Before Valentine’s Day, you can meet the people before the date actually happens. By meet, I mean video chat. With this app, there’s no need to give a stranger your Snapchat username. You can video chat right in the app itself.

This app has a strict three-step process in creating a profile so you won’t have to worry about finding bots over and over since those are weeded out and destroyed during the process.

There’s also an option to live stream and to join people in those streams. So you can find people you share passions with and connect that way as well as the normal way of swiping left or right.

Like the other apps, there is an option to pay for this app by going premium. What it allows for this app is you get to see who added you to their favorites list, your message gets read first on the live streams, and you can undo an accidental left swipe on a person you actually wanted to have a chance of connecting with.

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No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered


For Valentine’s Day, you can choose to search for that potential date a little differently. Tagged is an app mostly about live streaming and playing games on the app with people in your area.

You can definitely find someone through this method, as long as your very clear in what you are looking for.

You can also go the usual route in matching with people by swiping left or right, but the main idea of this app is to find other people through live streams and gaming. By doing this, you ensure that you find people who have similar interests as you and who you can be yourself with.

Even if you don’t want a date per se, you can find a lot of friends on this app as well.


This is another very popular dating app that many people use. It’s popular in the sense that you can find what you are looking for no matter what you are searching for. Serious or just casual dating? It has it.

On the profile page, there is also an option to set your pronouns so if you can let people know immediately what you identify as. So if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day date and feel like other apps don’t suit you, this app might just do it.

There are in-depth questions on the profile pages so you can see for yourself if you really want to take a chance on this or that person based on their answers to those questions. You can also use those answers as good openers to find out why they answered this or that way.

This app is mostly free to download and use, but much like the others, there is a premium option available. By paying for a subscription, you get rid of ads, see who likes you before you decide to like them, and use additional options and advanced search when you are looking for a potential date.

No Date On Valentine’s Day? These Dating Apps Have Got You Covered


Have you tried any of these apps in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day date? Share your experience in the comments below!

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