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The Importance Of Having A Nighttime Skin Care Routine

The Importance Of Having A Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Take a look at the nighttime skin care routine that will help your complexion fight dryness and acne like a pro.

We all have our little nighttime routines. Get a glass of wine or some water, put on a movie or catch up on our shoes. Have a little snack, or maybe a big snack and lie to ourselves about it. Nevertheless, we all have little things we like to do at the end of the day. But how many have a skin care routine somewhere in that little schedule? If you aren’t one of them, here are some reasons why having a nighttime skin care routine would be good for you.

It Will Rid You of the Days Dirt and Grime

If you are not one to have a skin care routine, just consider the day you had and what may have ended up on your skin. Like walking to your car near a construction site or sweat from a hot summer day. In addition to the day’s flying dirt, we don’t often realize how much we touch our face and dirt and oil we transfer from day to day objects to our face. Washing your face after a long day is like ridding all the possible dirt that could have made it onto your skin that you wouldn’t want on for even a second longer than needed.


It Relaxes You

Having a certain part of your skincare routine like face mask, moisturizer or splashing water on your face can help you to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Applying a soothing cleanser or a face mask with soft eucalyptus or lavender scents will almost lull you into a relaxing state before bed.

It is Good for Your Health

Having a nighttime skincare routine doesn’t always mean having an aloe mask or eye cream applied. While you sleep at night, your body goes to work, so to speak. Your tissues grow and repair and your heart rate slows down among many other wild things. As your body works, your skin can, too. Having a cup of dandelion tea or lemon water before bed will help to clean the toxins from your body. Toxins that are most likely contributing to skin problems you may be having. Applying the appropriate nighttime creams and serums will work through the night as well, and treating your body right means treating your skin right.


It Works throughout the Night

Applying certain toners or face creams has the same effect on your face as eating before going to bed does to your body. Eating apples with peanut butter is the perfect nighttime snack for a relaxing evening as it promotes muscle relaxation and will create a better night’s sleep. Having the right moisturizer or acne treatment for nighttime skin care routine will work throughout the night as opposed to the day’s dirt and oils resting on your face.

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You Can Determine Your Skin Type, and Create a Routine

One of the main factors to consider is that we all have different skin types form oily to dry to combination skin. There is an endless number of products out there which means there is something for everyone. Before figuring out which products you need, first determine what kind of routine you would like. While determining a routine you can consider the following steps:

  1. Makeup Removal
  2. Cleanser
  3. Face Mask
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Night Cream or Serum

You Can Figure Out What product Works for You

Once you determine what skin care routine you would like to do, from acne treatment, to a relaxing regimen or simple cleanser and moisturizer upkeep. There are many beauty brands out there that create simple 1, 2, 3 skin care set. Do a little research and determine what you think your nighttime skin care routine may need.

Which nighttime skin care routine are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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