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How To Do a Night at Mohegan Sun

After a few weeks back at Conn, you’re probably looking for an excuse to throw on some heels and a sparkly dress. Well, you’ve found just the place: Mohegan Sun Casino (aka Mo Sun) is the best spot to go when you’re bored with campus life. Whether you’re 18 or 21, Mo Sun is a great option when you want to escape the parties at Ridge, and eat something else besides Cro pizza for a night. Want to make your night perfect? Grab a few girlfriends and follow the guidelines for how to do a night at Mohegan Sun below! (And of course, don’t forget to document the whole thing with snapchats and instagrams.)

Dress Up or Dress Down

First, pull out those 6 inch pink heels from the hidden depths of your closet — now is your chance to finally wear them, because anything goes at Mo Sun. Really, anything! From sweatpants and a sweatshirt to the skimpiest outfit you own- but of course, who doesn’t love getting dressed up?! Grab that mascara and your favorite lip stain, and own that club dress and high heels. You are a goddess – flaunt it girl!

Wine and Dine

Start your night off with dinner and drinks! Beware: Mo Sun will card you, so if you’re under 21, don’t even bother trying to order anything alcoholic! My two favorite restaurants are MargaritaVille and Landsdowne Pub. They are both reasonably priced, but still have a fun atmosphere. If you’re looking for something else, Mo Sun’s website has a complete list of restaurants, so go check it out before you leave! Hit a fancy place if you’re celebrating a birthday or your grad school acceptance. Mohegan Sun is only a 20-minute drive from campus, but if you’re planning on drinking, take an Uber or taxi. An Uber is about $20– and you can split the cost with friends!

Get Your Gamble On

After eating some delicious food, get your poker face on and hit the slot machines or table games (You have to be 21 to gamble in Connecticut, so keep that in mind). The slot machines are a great way to spend very little money and …*drum roll*… get free drinks! As long as you are gambling, waiters and waitresses will come around and ask if you would like anything to drink. Beware: their margaritas are delicious! The slot machines take a variety of bills, so you don’t have to spend more than you’d like. Be careful though, because gambling can quickly become addicting. My advice: never put in more money than you are willing to lose. You are never guaranteed to win money.

Enjoy a Concert

If gambling isn’t your thing, get your groove on and attend a concert at Mo Sun! They have great concerts almost every weekend, with a variety of venues and price points. Their smaller venues include the Wolf’s Den, a small, open stage in the middle of the gambling floor. If small isn’t your thing, visit their large arena, where internationally-known artists are frequently stop on their tours. Even if you don’t have much money, grabbing the cheap tickets will still give you a great view, or, if you’re up to it, splurge on a floor ticket and rave away! From Luke Bryan to Avicii, Mo Sun hosts every artist you could ever want to see.

See Also

Hit a Club or Bar

Ready for more drinking and dancing, but in a casual setting? Hit the club or bar scene! Mo Sun has many bars and clubs you can attend on a variety of nights. Check out Mist, Vista Lounge, or Avalon for a glamorous time (although it can be a little pricey), or hit the Bow and Arrow Sports Bar, Margaritaville, or Bar Americain for a more casual experience. Because all of these places are contained within Mo Sun, you don’t have to decide where you want to go ahead of time. Walk around, and decide once you’re there, but keep in mind that the more expensive places often have a dress code.


And last but not least is my favorite guilty pleasure– shopping! Exploring the shops at Mo Sun is tons of fun, and was my go-to during all my under-21 nights at Mo Sun. Some of their stores include small boutiques, Lush, BareMinerals, Coach, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Godiva, and Sephora.. there really is something for everyone!
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So, there it is: a list of several of the amazing things to do at Mo Sun. Have fun ladies and gents– because you deserve it! And if you have anything to add to my list, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Melanie Mason

Melanie Mason is a student at Connecticut College studying Environmental Studies and U.S. Politics. In her free time she enjoys yoga, country music and margaritas.

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