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15 Signs You Grew Up In Newman CA

15 Signs You Grew Up In Newman CA

From being surrounded by farms and cows to the bond the community has, these are the 15 signs you grew up in Newman CA!

When you’re living in a small town it’s hard to see what makes your community so distinct and special. But then, you leave your small town. Suddenly all of your favorite memories come rushing in. You realize the big impact it has made on you and how in more ways than one, it has made you stand out from the big-city livers. Here are 15 signs you grew up in Newman CA!

1. Almost EVERYONE went to preschool at “the little red house”.

The Newman Co-Op Nursery school is the beginning for almost all Newman babies, and several great friendships are rooted here at the “little red house”.

2. Your enthusiasm for school spirit began in your elementary years.

Whether you were a Von Renner Cougar, a Bonita Bobcat, or a Hunt Tiger, you were immediately filled with pride and school spirit. Even for seniors in high school, one of the most common debates is over which elementary school was better and who had the best teachers.


3. Your middle school was famous.

This moment? Magical. Thanks to iFunny’s timely popularity and the release of “The Motto” by Drake, Yolo Middle School became famous. We were so proud.

4. Your high school classmates are like family.

A majority of your classmates have known you since diaper days. Thanks to the close-knit neighborhood feel, you’ve basically done everything with the people around you and consider them family.

5. You have a bad taste for Gustink, I mean Gustine.

All jokes aside, Gustine is the home of several of our close friends and family. But, we can’t give them that satisfaction. So attending a Gustine party, eating at a restaurant, and especially going to a GHS sports game calls for immediate cringe and the occasional eye-roll.


6. Mexican food is your “go-to”.

It’s not just the high school students filling up the lines of Carolina’s and Dos Aguas at lunch, it is EVERYONE. El Campestre and Santi’s are other popular spots. With ALL the restaurants being located on Main Street, it’s hard to not have Mexican food at least once a day!

7. Late night cravings bring you to JJ’s.

Let’s be honest, JJ’s Liquor is the hot spot for cravings at all hours of the day. Whether it be a Slush Puppie, some Lime Hot Cheetos, a Monster, or candy, we have no problem hearing that familiar ring as we walk in to satisfy the munchies.

8. When it rains, you feel like the messiah has come.

Thanks to living in the Central Valley, rain is almost as rare as someone that isn’t from Newman actually knowing where Newman is. Thus the reason why pictures, videos, and statuses flood social media anytime it rains.


9. Hearing about OHS vs. GHS football games is almost as exciting as the Superbowl.

It’s the reason why 80 and 90 year old alumni come back to town. The everlasting rivalry between the Orestimba High Warriors and the Gustine High Reds is something that will always turn Newman and Gustine against each other as the battle for the chief commends.

10. Fall Festival is something you look forward to at the end of every summer.

Fall Festival Weekend is when Newman and towns surrounding gather to celebrate the history of Newman and the beginning of autumn. There is a  traditional parade, Miss Newman Pageant, Cornerstone and Powers dance performances, and so much more!

11. You always see at least one person at Nob Hill or Rite Aid.

Nob Hill, the home of heaven’s sandwiches. Rite Aid, where the ice cream cones cure all heartbreaks. Good mood or bad mood, you will run into someone at one of these spots. Don’t think you’re safe walking in fully clothed with a hood on either. You’re most likely to run into a friend working the register. Godspeed, neighbor!

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12. That 20 minute drive to Patterson or Santa Nella for food is an instinct.

A 20 minute drive feels like a trip around the corner when you’re anticipating In & Out from Nella or Starbucks from Patterson. It’s always worth it, and driving down our vast country back roads is never a hassle.

13. The sweet-smell of cow dung reminds you of home.

Yup, Newman is enclosed by farms. The smell no longer phases me. When my grandparents first moved here, they got shirts that read “I’m moo-vin’ to Newman” with cows printed on it. There is always a joke that the cow population is higher than the actual human population. I can hear cows mooing from my front yard at night. Need I say more?


14. Thomas does your nails.

A huge thanks to the charismatic Thomas from Newman Nails and Spa for listening to all of our problems and catering to seemingly everyone in town! Nothing is better than getting super cute acrylics for 30 bucks and a belly full of laughter.

15. Yeah yeah yeah, you hate it, but you WILL be back.

Most people raised in Newman cannot wait to go far, far away by the time graduation comes. It’s true, small towns can be suffocating sometimes. But deny it all you want, eventually there will be a moment when the big world feels too heavy, and you’ll find yourself parking outside of Dos Aguas or stopping by at Orestimba to say hello to an old teacher.

Do you have any more signs you grew up in Newman!? Share in the comments below!

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