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15 New Years Resolutions That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Getting Into Shape

15 New Years Resolutions That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Getting Into Shape

New Year’s Eve is coming up soon, and everybody is already thinking about their resolutions for the next year. We all know the most common one out of them all: start eating healthier to lose weight and get in shape. After so many decades of hearing the same thing over and over again (one that a lot of people don’t stick with by the way), it’s time to actually invest in New Year’s resolutions that will fulfill our desires. So here’s a list of 15 New Year’s Resolutions that don’t involve eating cardboard or running on a treadmill!

1. Make Plans To Travel With Your Family And Friends

The biggest New Year’s resolution that trumps trying to stay in shape is something that a lot of people around the world desire: to see more of the world. Millions and millions of people around the world work so hard every day that they don’t get the chance to really take time to treat and indulge themselves. Start saving up money to go to places where you would never imagine. Whether it would be Disney World, Niagara Falls, Tahiti, or Prague, the world has a lot in store for you that you’ve never seen before.


2. Go On A Food-Eating Spree

As said before, we want to try to stray away from the New Year’s resolution in getting into shape, right? So what better way to do that than to go on a food trip! There’s more that comes with traveling the world than just visiting new places; you have to try new things, too, with food being the main thing to try. Enjoy all of the world’s different desserts, breakfasts, sandwiches, and more to your heart’s content. Don’t let anything hold you back when you stare down at a delicious plate of food to feast on!

3. Start Indulging Yourself More

As hard-working adults, it can be rare to get time out of our busy schedules to really contribute to treating ourselves. So when the new year hits, make an effort to give yourself nothing but the best of everything. From going on a shopping spree to eating great meals, and spending more time with your family and friends, take the time to do the things that really satisfy you the most. Buy that Rolex to match with your business suit. Buy that diamond necklace to match with your dress for date night. Buy your dream car that you’ve always wanted. Start putting yourself first by giving yourself everything that you deserve.


4. Start Taking More Risks

The reason why we never really stick with our New Year’s resolutions is that we are either unmotivated to do so or because we are too scared to do it. Next year, face your fears and start taking risks. One thing about taking risks is that even though it may not work out in the end,  you can give yourself credit for trying. Don’t be afraid to ask out that person that you like so much. Don’t be afraid to get on the roller coaster that scares you to the core. Don’t be afraid to go to a whole new environment that you are not used to. The world has a lot of great opportunities to offer. Don’t let any of them pass you by.


5. Meet New People

What comes with trying new things sometimes, also comes with meeting new people. A lot of the Earth’s population is filled with people who are either incredibly shy or are anti-social. To really get a taste of the world that we seek, we have to come out of our shell and see what other kinds of people are out there. You may be ready to either meet your next best friend or your potential soul mate. The entire world is a melting pot full of different people, so why not get to know them?

6. Prioritize Getting More Rest

One thing in life that we need to work on prioritizing as hard-working adults is getting rest. When we’re not working, we still have to find things to do with our time that keep us busy, such a going grocery shopping or taking our kids to school. When we’re not out running errands, we come back home and spend our time cooking and cleaning, so we never really get a chance to fully sit down and regain our stamina. For your next New Year’s Resolution, make sure that getting rest will just as much of an important factor in your life just like your work is. 


7. Reduce Your Stress Levels

It’s easy for us to stress ourselves out all of the time. When we try to juggle a hundred things at once, we not only raise our level of fatigue, but we also put our mental health at risk also. Resort to using therapeutic methods to reduce your stress levels to keep you calm and at peace. Read a book every once in a while to stimulate your brain waves. Go out for a walk in the park and take in the scenery and embrace the serenity of the environment around you. Go outside and play with your dog. Listen to some music. There are so many things you can do to keep your composure when you are under stress. For your New Year’s resolution for next year, remember that your mental stability comes before anything else, and to eliminate stress from your daily problems as much as you can.


8. Change Your Look

Going into the new year, you want to make a lot of changes and obtain new goals, but the first place you should start off making changes with is yourself. Try upgrading your look and do something different. Change the color of your hair, get tattoos, or get piercings. Try something different with your style of clothing. You never know where your new look might take you. 

9. Invest More Time In Your Favorite Hobbies

Whenever we’re not working, running errands, or doing chores at home, we want to take time to do the things that keep us calm and mentally stimulated. For your next New Year’s resolution, take more time in doing your favorite hobbies just to enjoy yourself. Start riding your bike more often. Write more poetry. Start cooking your favorite dishes more often. Investing time in your hobbies is relaxing and can take you out of very stressful and tiring elements. Make this New Year’s resolution one of your top priorities for next year.


10. Start Having More Spa Days

We put ourselves through so much every single day as adults that we rarely get time to take care of ourselves. We put our bodies through a lot and we rarely get a chance to fully rest. Make your New Year’s resolution to treat yourself to more spa days. It’s important that we keep our bodies healthy and strong to perform our daily tasks, so we need to give our bodies the proper maintenance it needs. Enjoy a day filled with aromatherapy, mud baths, and massages to stimulate your physical well-being, but most importantly, to just relax and enjoy yourself.


11. Get More Involved In Cultural Activities

Sometimes we don’t really take the time to embrace some of the beautiful things that surround us, such as admiring a mural or walking past a painting in a building. Get more in tune with your cultural surroundings and just take in the beauty and creativity behind everything. Visit art museums to really get in-depth behind every artists’ story. Read a book about how music originated and evolved into what it is today.  Start learning more about what made the world come to be.

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12. Stray Away From Social Media

We now live in an era where technology has pretty much taken over everything, and technology has had a lot of influence over social media. We spend hours a day constantly looking at our phones or our computers scrolling through social media. Make an effort to take time away from social media and focus more on your surroundings. Go out for a walk. Spend time with your family and friends.  Go out on dates. For your next New Year’s resolution, just take time to enjoy everyone and everything around you. 

13. Try New Activities

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can get very boring. The one thing that brings excitement in life is experiencing and trying new things. Try going zip lining for the very first time. Ride a motorcycle. Go to an art class and get in touch with your inner creativity. You never know what life will throw at you if you don’t go out there and see what it has to offer.


14. Go Out More At Night

When we come home from a long day at work, the last thing on our minds is finding anything else active to do. However, it’s still good to be able to maintain a balance between your work life and your social life. Start going out to night clubs with your friends. Go out to romantic dinner dates with your partner. Go out to the casino and win big bucks! Prioritize your social life and put it at the top of the totem pole for your New Year’s resolution. It’s important that you find time to spend with the people you love and care about. Just go the extra mile and do it at night and have a great time! 


15. Find Yourself

It’s imperative that we know what we want out of life, but in order to achieve that goal, we have to work on ourselves first. In the new year, take more time to find yourself and discover things that make you happy. Make goals that will satisfy you and will give a sense of accomplishment. Start meditating at home to bring yourself back to a place of tranquility and positivity. Find yourself and who you are and want to be in the new year.

Forget about working out and staying in shape for 2020. When January 1, 2020 comes around, focus more on the things that you can invest your time in that involve having the utmost fun that’s possible. For your New Year’s resolution, try doing any of these fun, positive activities that will reall help you enjoy your year and have a better one than the year before.


What other New Year’s resolutions do you recommend for 2020? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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