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New Years Eve Makeup Ideas You Have To Try

It’s almost New Year’s Eve, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing that night. That night is a perfect excuse to go all out when it comes to clothes, accessories, hair, and of course makeup. Below are a few New Year’s Eve makeup ideas you have to try. They range from subtle to bold to totally over the top. There’s something for everyone.

1. Soft Pink Glam

This soft pink glam will be the perfect makeup look to begin the new year with. This doesn’t require any kind of cut crease skills either. Just begin with a matte rose color and then top it with shimmery, glittery eye shadow. The glossier the lip the better.

2. Emerald Eyes

Christmas might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy deep greens. Get this dramatic look through a variety of greens and blend out to a copper brown color. Put green in the bottom right at the center of your eye.

3. Subtly Frosty

Give a slight nod to the frosty weather you might be experiencing with this eye makeup look. Blend a variety of pink tones on your lids and top it off with a frosty white color or a barely pink shimmery shade. Don’t forget to add an equally frosty lip with lots of gloss.

4. Disco Eyes

We might be going into the roaring twenties but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring back the seventies. Live your disco dream with this makeup look. It’s glittery, messy, and fierce. While there is some sort of structure to this eye shadow it definitely isn’t meant to be perfect.

5. Glitter Brows

New Year’s Eve is probably glitters favorite holiday, so why not put it all over? This makeup look is definitely not for the faint at heart. There are many different ways you can apply glitter to your brows, in fact there are a few glitter products made specifically for your eyebrows. Just be careful of whatever adhesive you decide to use because you don’t want to start the new year without any brows.

6. Champagne Lids

Why not imitate the drink of choice for that night? Cover your eyes in a champagne color all over, don’t worry about blending in any other colors because this one will blow people away. Top it off with a great wing and some of your favorite falsies for the best glam look.

7. Messy Glitter

Makeup doesn’t have to be precise, and that’s what makes this look so amazing. It doesn’t matter how you apply this glitter because regardless of the shape it will look great. In this photo there is a glitter liner but that is of course optional.

8. Natural But Make It Glam

This is basically natural makeup but heightened. Use soft browns that are similar to your skin tone. Once you’re satisfied with that look add on the shine.

9. Seeing Stars

Festival makeup doesn’t just have to be for concerts. Since it’s New Year’s Eve it will be the perfect opportunity to go slightly over the top. After your normal makeup apply stars around your face, imitating a highlight almost. Extra credit is putting it in your hair too.

10. Mauve Lips

This makeup look is all about the lips. Create a subtle eye, slightly glossy and then focus on  your lips. Mauve is definitely in this year.

11. Roaring Twenties

Technically we are going into the twenties again, which is a perfect excuse to dress like you’re back in the roaring twenties. Don’t worry though you won’t actually need to shave off your brows, there are plenty of tips and tricks on how to cover your brows. The dramatic pout really sends this look over the top.

12. Classic Hollywood Glam

If the look above is a little too daring for you try this classic Hollywood glam look instead. It still is a great throwback to the days of the roaring twenties without being too in your face. The perfectly sculpted hair is still a must.

13. Ruby Red Glitter

Dorothy can eat her heart out with these ruby red lips. While applying actual glitter to your lips for a night out might not be the best idea there are plenty of liquid lipsticks out there that are actually this sparkly. This is also a chance to show off your cut crease skills.

14. Leveled Up Everyday Look

If you’re someone who has their makeup down to a science this look is for you. It’s subtle enough to wear everyday but it’s also glam enough to wear out. This is perfect if you are going the more dinner route when it comes to New Year’s Eve and not a full blown party, although it will work for both.

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15. Silver Starlet

Take a page from Lady Gaga’s book by recreating this silver makeup look. Find an iridescent eyeliner and lay it over a barely white eye shadow. From there you can add any lip you’d like, or go like Gaga and add a brick red pout.

16. Glossy

This eye look is bold in the best possible way, plus it’s simple. All you need for this glossy makeup look is a liquid eye shadow. Use a brush to shape it on your eye until you’re satisfied with the wing. No need for any other liner, the one eye shadow is just enough. Top your lips off with your favorite clear gloss.

17. Glam Smokey Eye

This is a pretty easy look that looks complicated. Begin with a grey smokey eye, don’t go too crazy with the wing. Then have fun and get a little messy with glitter. The messier the better.

18. Subtle Glitter

Talk about highlighting your brow bone. Do your typical eye makeup, the lighter the better, and then just add some glitter underneath your brow. Be sure it’s safe enough to use on your brows, you don’t want actual glue anywhere near your hair.

19. Dark And Sultry

If you can’t be dramatic on New Year’s Eve when can you? This makeup look is dark and sultry, create a smokey eye but don’t just stop there. Typically the rule of thumb is to only have one dramatic statement on your face but this time grab an equally jaw dropping plum lip.

20. Baby Stars

This makeup look is perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t typically wear any but still want to make a splash. In fact this makeup doesn’t actually require any makeup at all. All you need are some stars that are safe to put on your eyelids. Apply them with lash glue and you’ll have stars in your eyes for the rest of the night.

What makeup look are you going to wear this year? Comment below!
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