10 New Years Eve Decoration Ideas For The Ultimate Bash

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost the end of the year! Which means for many people, it’s time to party. If you’re trying to throw a NYE party at home, then these New Years Eve decoration ideas are the perfect way for you to throw a memorable party, get artsy, and come up with some fun themes!

1) Masquerade Party

Themed parties are always the best ways to get inspiration, and a masquerade party doesn’t require too much effort! Simply head to your local party store, pick up some gold decorations, feathers, and balloons and let your guests decor do the rest!

2) Pop The Champagne

There’s nothing more New Years then popping some bubbly at midnight! Make sure all your guests have a bottle of champagne, and then decorate your whole house with champagne inspired decor!

3) Glow Decor

Glow parties are always a fun way to have a theme, without breaking the bank. Glow sticks are SUPER cheap, and you can buy packs of them to decorate your whole house with!

4) The At Home Times Square Experience

To create the ultimate at home times square experience all you really need is sequins, glitter, and a silver shiny ball. You’ll find yourself in times square in no time!

5) It’s All About The Resolutions

New years resolutions are something we all like to think about, however, committing is the hard part. This year, throw a resolutions party and make your guests dress up as their resolution! They’ll have to stay committed after the pictures are posted everywhere.

6) Black And White

Black and white is such a classic theme that can be applied to just about any party. Its decor is simple and chic, and perfect for New Years Eve decoration ideas!

7) A Night In Paris

Take your guests to France this New Years Eve with a Paris themed party. Make sure to recreate the Eiffel Tower, and provide lots of french croissants!

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8) Romantic Decor

New Years Eve is often looked at as a romantic holiday, so you might as well make it one! To do this requires fairy lights, candles, and lots of dimmed lighting.

9) Old Time Hollywood

At one point or another, we’ve all wished we were famous. A Hollywood themed party will have everyone feeling like they’re a super star! In order to do this, simply recreate the red carpet!

10) Bubble Letters

Decorating your apartment, dorm, or house for a party is always super easy when you have bubble balloons all over the place! Grab some that say 2018, and let the partying begin!

Did you like these new years eve decoration ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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