Here Are 15 New Year Resolutions To Start Thinking About

With 2018 ending soon its time to start thinking about new years’ resolutions again. If you’re like me you’ve probably dropped the ball on most of the goals, you set. Don’t feel bad, instead take time to start planning goals in advance so you can conquer them early. Whether its getting fit, or traveling here are 15 new year resolutions to start thinking about.

1. Manage that wallet

You have places and people that you want to visit, great! The hard truth is though not of this is going to happen if your finical situation isn’t looking good. Spend time sitting down and review what you have, it’ll make it easier saving for those exotic trips you want to take. This is one of the best New Year resolutions!

2. Put down the remote and pick up a book

Set aside a time where you turn of the television in favor for a book. There are a million choices when it comes to novels mystery, humor, romance, and more! Trust me your brain will thank you.

Here Are 15 New Year Resolutions To Start Thinking About

3. Learn how to cook

This is a super fun hobby to pick up in 2019! Not only does this allow you to get creative, you can also enjoy tasting everything that you make.

Here Are 15 New Year Resolutions To Start Thinking About

4. Spend time with yourself

Taking time out of your busy schedule is something everyone should adopt into their daily routines. This time away from everything and everyone will allow you to recharge and get ready to take on the rest of that hectic to do list.

Here Are 15 New Year Resolutions To Start Thinking About

5. Go dry for a week

Having to go completely sober while in college can be a nightmare for anyone. Instead why not try not drinking for a seven-day period. After the holidays you probably will have consumed a bunch of not so great stuff for your body. This is the perfect time to detox before school starts.

6. Spend only the cash in your pocket

Try taking one week a month and spend only the cash you have. It might seem like a small thing to do, but you’ll be surprised. When that credit card bill comes in at the end of the month you wont owe as much as you did before.

7. Plan a date with yourself

After a hard week of school, work, and other time consuming activities all you want to do is crawl into bed. Instead, why not treat yourself? Plan a day of the week where you take yourself either shopping, to the movies, or that new sushi restaurant.

8. Get a new job

This is the year you get that dream job you’ve been wanting. All you have to do is put one foot out in front of the other, and go!

9. Make new friends

Making new friends is a favorite new year’s resolution idea that I always make every year. It’s fun learning about new people, and where they come from. Who knows they might even become your best friend at the end!

Here Are 15 New Year Resolutions To Start Thinking About

10. Cut down on bad habits

Be it smoking, drinking, or something else cutting back on something that’s not good for you is important for your health. This is one of the New Year resolutions you need to try!

11. Eating better

Write down meals, and new healthy foods you want to try. Listing them out will help give you the chance to select foods that are good for your body and tasty for your tummy.

12. Be open to dating

Tinder, Bumble, and even Facebook the chances of the subject of dating is bound to come up. Instead of running from it why not take the leap into the unknown? Leave all doubts at the door, and have fun in the moment! You might even meet the one.

13. Stop procrastinating

This is something I am guilty of doing. Try to set a number of goals at night, so in the morning your ready to tackle each of them.

14. Be more grateful

Being grateful will not only help you, but it’ll show other people you love that their not taken for granted.

15. Achieve your dreams

At the end of the day we are the only ones who stand in the way of our happiness. Don’t let that happen, go out into the world and live your dreams.

These 15 new year resolutions will help to kick start your 2019 into gear!
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