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15 New Ways To Rock Glittery Makeup Any Day Of The Week

15 New Ways To Rock Glittery Makeup Any Day Of The Week

Have you ever wanted to look like a glitter queen? Or dazzle in the sun? Well, you are in the right place! These are some of the best ways to rock glittery makeup any day of the week! Let’s get sparkly! 

1. Inner Corner Highlight

A classic detail to most makeup looks is the inner corner highlight. Whether it be with a smokey eye, a colorful shadow look, or even a no-makeup, makeup look, the inner corner highlight is always present. The purpose of the inner corner highlight is to brighten up your eyes and enhance dimension. An easy way to appear more awake on your tired days!


2. Cut Crease

A timeless look from the ’60s, a cut crease is an elegant style and easy to dress up or dress down. Don’t be hard on yourself if a cut crease doesn’t come out quite the way you planned, this makeup style takes lots of practice to perfect. Start with a simple base color and blend to perfection, while creating a cut crease look. The fun part is adding glitter to the crease. Always use cosmetic glitter to prevent allergic reactions and messy outcomes.

3. Sparkly Lips

To have the most kissable lips possible, sparkles are the way to go. This option is perfect if you prefer less intense makeup looks but still want to rock some glitter! Start with a lipstick shade of your choosing and add a beautiful, glittery gloss to seal the deal. The best part is a clear glitter gloss will look perfect on any background of lipstick.


4. Sun-kissed glow with Glittery Bronzer

Haven’t had time to self-tan and want your summer glow back? Your solution is a simple, glittery bronzer. Warm up your complexion and add a dewy finish to your makeup with this trick. Brush bronzer on cheekbones, jawline, and temple to enhance your facial structure. This glittery look will leave people wondering if you went to the beach over the weekend!


5. Glitter Drop-Shadow

This look will serve punk princess vibes all the way! Take an angled brush and swipe your shimmer under your lower lash line to make your eye color pop! The key to this look is taking your time and being gentle, we don’t want glitter in your eyes, just around it. 

6. Glitter Eyebrows

Spice up the normal routine of filling in your eyebrows with your natural color by adding some sparkles. There are two easy ways to do this; clear brow gel brushed through your eyebrow hair, then gently placing loose pigmented glitter until it sticks and glitter gems placed on top of your eyebrow hairs. Another funky glitter eyebrow look is pictured below. 


7. Crying Glitter

Crying…but let’s make it a statement. Use a q-tip covered in glitter adhesive to draw precise teardrop lines. Press your glitter onto the lines to give the look of crying glitter. Incorporate glitter tears into your makeup routine to give you an artistic glow.


8. Nose Highlight

Similar to the inner corner highlight, nose highlight makes an appearance in most makeup looks. Use a fluffy highlight brush or even the tip of your finger, to brush a little bit of glitter love onto your nose. Make that beautiful face of yours glow! We can thank our queen, Kim K, for shedding a light on how important contour and highlight truly are in a makeup routine. 

9. Fairy Freckles

Fairy freckles are the ultimate music festival makeup look, or even every day if you are bold enough. Place little glitter stars across your cheeks, where natural freckles would appear. 


10. Glitter Blush

With this simple way to rock glittery makeup, you will be glowing all day long. A swipe of color upwards on your cheekbones brings out the natural beauty in your face. Blush can be placed over your bronzer for a more low-key look. Another fun way to brighten up your face is by putting a little blush on the tip of your nose. 

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11. Eyeliner Looks

Glitter eyeliner is never a bad idea. This look is so versatile, it can be worn for date night or out to brunch with the girls. The best way to show off this look is a natural base and lip color, then shimmer away with the eyes! Set the eyeliner to avoid smudges and smears with the same color eyeshadow. If you are really feeling funky–go for a different color on each eye. 


12. Glitter Eyelashes

Glitter eyelashes are a bold statement when it comes to the beauty industry. No matter what makeup look is done while wearing these beauties, your eyes are sure to sparkle. A warm brown tone eye shadow would compliment these lashes the most! Feel free to use any color you would like. Local beauty supply stores will have these funky lashes, just ask!


13. Contour With Loose Pigments Of Glitter

A spin on the traditional contour, just add glitter! The placement of the glitter will be the same as where you would put your contour, which would be your cheekbones, jawline, temples, etc. The key is to blend glitter glue into these areas and then sprinkle glitter like your life depends on it! Stick with darker tones to give a sultry, night-out vibe or more vibrant colors for a daytime look. 


14. Glitter Based Illuminating Base

Glow from under your makeup layers with an illuminating primer/base. This will give the illusion of airbrushed, glittery skin. Primers like this glide naturally over the skin and are easy to blend foundation over. 


15. Cosmetic Stones 

Channel your inner Euphoria with this last look. Euphoria is known for its flashy, glittery makeup looks that will leave your jaw dropped for days and days. An easy way to avoid glitter residue, which is sometimes tricky to clean up, is by using cosmetic stones. Cover your skin in these little glitter bundles of joy. Around your eyes or eyebrows is always a good option. If you are feeling bold, paint your nails the same color to really tie the look together!

Are you ready to rock these glittery makeup looks? Confidence is key and glitter can give you a world of it. What look are you going to try first?