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8 New Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Show

8 New Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Show

Don’t you hate when it seems like you have watched EVERYTHING on Netflix or Hulu and you find yourself going back to the same show? Time to try out a new show! Here are 8 new recommendations based on your favorite show that we know that you will love just as much as we do!

1. Too Hot to Handle–Love Island

Netflix gave us just what we needed during lockdown last year with their new show, Too Hot To Handle. We followed the crazy relationships and games between our favorite couples to see just how much money they would make at the end of the show. 

If you loved Too Hot To Handle, you will be obsessed with Love Island! A recent US spinoff has come about following the Australian spinoff and original British version of the show. A group of people spends one summer abroad where they are given the opportunities to form relationships and fall in love! Sort of like the British version of Bachelor in Paradise! 


Love Island can be streamed on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

2. Schitt’s Creek–Gilmore Girls

You fell in love with the Rose family, and we love that journey for you! But after binging all of the seasons on Netflix, you’re stuck with nothing to watch. We have to recommend Gilmore Girls if you are looking for a new show that follows a family but is just as funny!


Rory and Lorelei will have you laughing out loud with their shenanigans in Stars Hollow and have you totally invested in Team Jess or Team Logan. Netflix also produced a new season following the end of the show to keep you entertained and in on the Gilmore fun! 

Gilmore Girls can be streamed on Netflix and Philo.


3. Handmaid’s Tale–Westworld

The twisted story of June Osborne and her new life in Gilead is told in 3 short seasons and will definitely have you wanting more. If you enjoyed Handmaid’s Tale, we know you will love Westworld while you wait for those new seasons!

Westworld is another dystopian TV series that is set in the future and follows the hosts of a theme park and their interactions with the guests. Think robots taking over kind of vibes with this new show! With Evan Rachel Wood to lead the show, you will love the twists and turns of this drama!

Westworld can be streamed on HBOMax.


4. Riverdale–Jane the Virgin

If you made it through the twists and turns of every season of Riverdale, then you deserve this new show! This drama, like Riverdale, has surprises in every episode that will keep you hooked. Jane the Virgin is based on a Telenovela where our main character Jane, finds out she is pregnant even though she is a virgin!

Jane must get down to the bottom of her new pregnancy and how to handle the new baby, a relationship, and family drama all at the same time. Jane the Virgin has the classic Telenovela spins and drama which is why we love this show.


Jane the Virgin can be streamed on Netflix. 

5. How to Get Away With Murder–Quantico

After finishing How to Get Away With Murder, we feel like we practically have a law degree at this point and we are ready to take on any case! If you liked How to Get Away With Murder, then we know you will love Quantico. This other ABC show will have you hooked just in the first episode.


With leading lady, Priyanka Chopra, her character Alex enters the FBI academy but is soon after accused of a national crime. The kicker is that she is innocent the entire time, but needs to prove her innocence to the entire country. Watch this new show to see if Alex can do it and find the real criminal just in time.

Quantico can be streamed on Netflix.


6. Bridgerton–Reign

We burn for Bridgerton (and Regé-Jean Page)! Bridgerton took us to glamorous balls, scandalous gardens, and weddings, keeping things steamy and entertaining in every episode. While you await your response and the next season from Lady Whistledown, you know that you will love Reign! 

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Reign is a complete series that you can binge the heck out of until your heart is content. This is another historical drama that will transform you to the reign of Queen Mary. In the show, Mary is just a teenager so all of the dramatics are shown in every episode, and we are so here for it!


Reign can be streamed on Netflix.

7. Grey’s Anatomy–911

Are you a medical drama fanatic? Then we have the best new show for you! Grey’s is one of the longest-running dramas on TV right now, but sometimes you need a break from Meredith. 911 shows the various calls that are called into dispatchers and the firefighters and paramedics that are going to save the day.


Just like the other medical dramas available to you for binging, it is packed full of drama and a spinoff that follows the same premise but in Texas. 911 will have you on the edge of your seat as the LA station goes in to save the cat from the tree or rescue survivors after a tsunami. 

911 can be streamed on Fox Now and Hulu.


8. Big Little Lies-Little Fires Everywhere

If you are a Reese Witherspoon and Big Little Lies lover like us, then this new show is perf for you! Just like Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere reveals new things about the characters and their past in every episode. Little Fires Everywhere stars both Queen Reese and our other fave Kerry Washington in a throwback show that will have you on the edge of your seat and asking, “Who did it?” 

Little Fires Everywhere also starts a larger conversation on motherhood, race, and relationships and features some of our other favorites like AnnaSophia Robb! 

Little Fires Everywhere can be streamed on Hulu. 


What shows are you loving right now? Any suggestions for us to binge-watch this weekend? Share them in the comments with us!