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5 New Fashion Designers To Keep An Eye Out For

5 New Fashion Designers To Keep An Eye Out For

Finding your own sense of style and fashion brands that suit you specifically can be very overwhelming as there are so many to choose from but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. These new up and coming fashion designers are definitely worth looking into for the latest fashion trends and there’s definitely something for everyone so check out the list we’ve compiled below! 

1. TRE By Natalie Ratabesi

If you’re into cool and edgy clothing pieces that have a bit more flare and wow then TRE by Natalie Ratabesi is the designer for you. With the current revival of 80s fashion due to popular Netflix shows such as Stranger Things and the reboot of Stephen King’s film IT, every fashion brand and designer is trying to create their own modern twist on 80s fashion. One new fashion designer who is attracting a lot of publicity and attention right now is Natalie Ratabesi after she released her TRE collection which is the perfect combination of 80s meets modern day. Her creative twist gives a fresh feel to iconic 80s pieces such as the wide leg jeans, paper bag trousers and shoulder pads without losing the nostalgic feel of the 80s. The new fit, styles and silhouettes her collection brings allows these vintage pieces to remain on trend but also encourages the new generation to experience and fall in love with the style of the 80s too. As you can imagine, Natalie Ratabesi has been named as one the new top new fashion designers to keep an eye on this year so check out her collection if you want to join in on the hype! 


2. Pale Violet By Julia Blake  

Fashion designer, Julia Blake is one to watch as she is the definition of class and chic. She has a boutique based in LA called Pale Violet but has recently launched her online site as her elegant and pretty pieces are becoming very popular. Her collection ranges from pastel chiffon skirts and dresses to bold and patterned co-ords. Her modern take on timeless pieces such as the structured pant suit and the basic work dress is appealing to the up and coming generation as she has created a style that reflects modern day women. Her chiffon pieces are very on trend right now as everyone is wearing chiffon dresses and slip dresses this summer as they’re very light weight and can be dressed up or down easily so jump on this trend if you’re looking for something pretty and feminine! 


3. Modern Citizen 

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of old meets new, then look no further than fashion designer Jessica Lee and her amazing team of women at Modern  Citizen. Located in San Francisco, Jessica Lee co-founded the fashion brand Modern  Citizen created and designed by herself and a team of empowering women. The concept of their brand is to create clothing for women with an ‘old soul but with a modern mind’ to reflect women of all generations. Jessica Lee is the perfect fashion designer to gain inspiration from if you’re looking for outfits that reflect female empowerment and confidence. With the feminism movement becoming globally recognisable and prominent within our society, Jessica Lee’s designs help to encourage a positive and powerful mindset for women to strive for success.  Alternative high street brands who offer pieces that embody and support a similar vision to Modern Citizen are PrettyLittleThing and Missguided as they have amazing two piece co-ords and suits for just a fraction of the price. So if you’re looking to become your own boss or want to look the part, check out this amazing fashion designer! 

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4. Blaque Label  

Blaque Label is another fashion designer to check out who specialise in high end fashion. With inspiration coming straight from the runway and trends in America and Hong Kong, Blaque Label offers clean cut pieces that are very structured and striking. Blaque label is perfect for all those fashion lovers out there who love experimenting with new styles, colours and fabrics. As an added bonus, as the inspiration for the collection comes from the most current fashion events from around the world, you’ll definitely find something original and unique to wear. This fashion designer makes sure that every piece gives you that pizazz and wow factor  you need in your wardrobe so check them out if you want to be the trend setter in your group! 

5. Kelsey Randall

As summer is coming to an end, it wouldn’t be right to not include a fashion designer who specialises in festival pieces. Kelsey Randell is a fresh faced fashion deisgner who’s collection is offering all the coulour and patterns you need to complete your tribal look if you have a late summer holiday booked! Festival season is becoming bigger and brighter every year with people trying to create the most iconic and infamous festival looks of the year. World famous music events such as Coachella have become the forefront of festival fashion and have inspired millions around the world to jump on the band wagon and experiment with fashion themselves. As a result, so many brands and designers have tried to create their own festival pieces so it can be difficult to find pieces that are different and unique but Kelsey Randall is here to offer you just that. From simple neon dresses to bold print two pieces to metallic fringes tops and skirts, there’s an entire range of pieces to gain inspiration from to create your very own festival look. Her pieces are edgy, fun and striking which makes them perfect for the summer nights dancing away at a festival but most importantly, they have a high end look for that added bit of extra. Her pieces are sure to get noticed so they’re a definite must to check out if you’re wanting all eyes on you! 


We hope this list of new fashion designers has given you some creative ideas and inspiration on ways to stay on trend or spice up your style. Feel free to leave a comment on any new fashion designers you’ve heard about who need more recognition! 

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