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10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

Fun Things, 10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

While being stuck at home can be tiresome, dull, and monotonous, it is necessary to stop the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. As people around the globe stay home and find new and creative ways to keep themselves busy, many others struggle with maintaining productivity. There are more fun things to do than your standard Netflix and chill, DIYs, and housework—if that is fun for you. Especially if you are being quarantined with your significant other. If you are struggling to keep yourself busy during this pandemic and come up with fun things to do at home, with your significant other, then look no further. Here are 10 new and creative fun things you can do with your significant other at home.

1. Learn How To Dance

One fun thing to do with your significant other at home is to learn how to dance. Now I am not just talking about the Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Macarena, or the Cha Cha Slide. Those are fun and all, and if you do not already know them then, yes! Please let them be the next dance you learn. When I say learn how to dance, I mean as a couple. Something along the lines of tango, salsa, the waltz, rumba, cha-cha, swing, and the foxtrot. You can take virtual lessons online, or follow simple how-to dance tutorials on YouTube, together. Even if you have two left feet or no balance what-so-ever, the experience is the best part.

10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

2. “How Is This?”

“How is this,” is a little game that is all about preparing the perfect dish for your significant together. As you cook or bake your dish, ask your significant other to taste it, after you have added each ingredient to the still-being-prepared dish. As you progress through your dish, you can adjust the seasonings, spices, flavors, and whatever else the dish requires, so that it is to your significant other’s liking. Hence, creating the perfect dish for them. Also, while preparing the dish, you can watch your significant other’s reaction as they taste the ability of your cooking skills. Trust me. Your significant other will be full before the dish is complete. Besides, who would not want to take the opportunity to make their significant other the perfect dish as they endure this hard time?

3. Build A Fort

A childhood activity that never fails to set the mood when being with your significant other is building a fort. Grab a dozen pillows, or more, a handful of the fluffiest blankets, some sheets, string lights, a laptop, a bowl of freshly buttered popcorn, and Voila! You do not have to just watch movies in your newly lit private room. You can hang some decorative lights or more lights inside your fort, lay next to your significant other, and just look up at them as if they were stars in the night’s sky. Talk to one another. Get close. Anything can happen inside your fort.

10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

4. Model Each Other’s Clothes

Why not? That is all I have to say for this one, is why not? Model each other’s clothes on your private runway. Strut your man’s best suit or athletic gear. Allow him the freedom to bring out his inner model and walk the runway in your heels or tight-fitted dress, as he owns it. You know you want to see him try walking in your heels. Also, what man does not think his woman looks attractive while wearing his clothes? To make things more interesting, take pictures of each other while in the other’s clothes, post them on social media, and ask the audience who wore it better.

5. Interrogate One Another

You may know everything about your significant other, but do you know why he or she likes or loves you? What their favorite trait about you is? What their favorite memory with you is, or what is their favorite dish you make? Take the time and ask each other these types of questions. Do not be afraid to ask them anything. Find out what they like best about you, or how you have made them the happiest they have ever been.

10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

6. Cut Each Other’s Hair

With hair salons and barbershops closing their doors across the globe, many people are struggling to find the proper care and treatment to nurture their hair. Does your significant other need a trim? Why not give him or her one, yourself. Just grab the pair of sharp scissors or razor(s) and trim away. Better yet, style your significant other’s hair and make a tutorial video out of it.

7. Lip Sync Battle

You all know the show, Lip Sync Battle, right? The one where Tom Holland shocked the world by performing as Rihanna and lip singing Umbrella. Holland went up against Zendaya, who performed as Bruno Mars’ and sang 24K Magic. Holland easily won the battle, using those hidden dancing skills of his. Anyway, back to the subject. Why not host your lip sync battle and go head to head with your significant other. They may surprise you. Who will come out as the winner?

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10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

8. Switch Places With Them

A fun way to liven up your time with your significant other is to switch places. Now, I do not mean Freaky Friday switch-it. Specifically, what I mean is switch roles with your significant other. For instance, if your significant other is usually the one who cooks, makes the morning coffee, and feeds the dog(s) then do that. If your significant other is the one who just sits on their lazy bum and does nothing all day, then do that as well.

9. Date Night (At-Home Edition)

While going out and having a romantic date night might be canceled, it is not while at home. Have a date night with your significant other, at-home edition. Cook a nice meal for the two of you, light some candlesticks, break put the expensive dishware, and serve your significant other the best of your abilities. Or, if that is not typically how you two do date nights, put on some Hulu or Netflix, get dressed up and have your club night in your living room. Get creative! The best date nights are the ones that are made to be more personal and like no other.

10 New And Creative Fun Things You Can Do With Your SO At Home

10. Paint On Each Other

The last fun thing you can do with your significant other at home is to paint them. Not only does this allow your creativity to leak onto your significant other, but it also creates a new level of intimacy between the two of you. Also, do not forget to allow your significant other to paint on you. Whether it is something they see in you, what they believe best represents you, or what they see inside of you: true beauty. Ask for their permission, of course.

What fun things do you do with your significant other at home? Did this list inspire you? Let us know in the comments below.  

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