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7 Things You Should NEVER Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

7 Things You Should NEVER Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

Posting about your relationship on social media can be risky business. Here are some of the things that you should avoid posting about!

While you may be over the moon after finding the love of your life and want to share every tiny detail of your relationship with the world through social media, here is why you should stop & think before sharing some information which might create a wedge between you and your partner!

These 7 things about your relationship shouldn’t be shared on social media as they can bring a whole lot of trouble. What are they? Let’s find out!

1. Personal details about you or your partner

This can demonstrate a poor control over your personal boundaries. Sharing personal details about your partner can not only hurt him or her but can also put your relationship in jeopardy over lack of privacy.


couple privacy

Asking your partner before sharing the information might help you decide if it is ok to share the information or not.

2. Intimate details about your romantic life

This can not only affect your partner and make him or her feel betrayed but can also make your friends and followers feel uncomfortable.


intimate details on social media

This involves details of your intimate sessions, pet names, body issues, and other details which can make the relationship feel vulnerable. Understand that it might make others judge you also. So no smooching photos, no graphic details, and no obscene PDA!

3. Photos of your partner or both of you together if they are not post-worthy!

Do not post any photo of your partner or of both of you together that the other person might not approve of. This can become a major issue in your relationship as people are very sensitive about their body image.


weird couple photos

They can take offense if you share their pictures without having a prior discussion with them. You can always share pictures of your vacation together or a good photo of you as a couple but only after showing them to your partner.

4. Details of your fight with your partner to win sympathy from your friends

This is a strict no-no. Making your private fight public can break the trust of your partner and will reduce the chances of getting back together and living peacefully as once you put the details out on social media, that fight will always remain in the minds of your friends and family.


people do change

You might be able to make up with your partner but it will become impossible to get to the same trust level.

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5. Jokes about your in-laws or close friends of your partner.

This will make your friends and family feel that you do not respect your partner and his close family and friends. It can also cause some discontent between you and your partner.

russell-peterson jokes

So it is better to avoid posting jibes or jokes at your partner’s expense. Your partner might not take the joke as seriously as his or her parents and friends might take so it is better to be careful. Learn how to balance your bae with friends.


6. Pictures of expensive presents you gave your partner or got from your partner

Posting pictures of an expensive diamond ring you got from your boyfriend can cause resentment among your friends or they may just feel sad about them not being able to afford the same things as you. They can also judge you for being more concerned about the social media appeal of the gift rather than its sentimental value.


7. News about your pregnancy in the early stages

Social media can be a big round world of hate and jealousy. While you might be so excited to share this big news with your friends and family, it is very important to enjoy this time with your partner and prepare for this responsibility together.



This will help you keep away from all the negative silent jealousy. Do not post pictures of your developing baby or an ultrasound also.
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