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Netflix – Free Month Trial + $10.00 at Sign UP

The one essential for every college kid is having a Netflix account. It’s a complete guilty pleasure that everyone will admit to. While it may not help you with your studies; it’s an easy way to distract yourself, especially on nights you’d prefer to stay in with your roommates and start a series of Breaking Bad or The Office.

You have the option to stream on a WiFi connection and/or receive DVDs, which tend to have more of a selection.

You can stream from your TV with a Netflix app, your gaming system, your computer or better yet an iPad.

Netflix is extremely cheap, especially if you’re splitting the cost amongst your roommates. Up to 6 people are allowed to stream from the SAME account, which is a major perk.

If you sign up with you can make a quick $10.00 and a FREE month’s trial when you sign up!! A Netflix account starts at $7.99.

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Amanda Bridge

Amanda is a graduate of Emerson College with a degree in Journalism.

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