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Netflix Stand-up Specials You Need To Watch Right Now

With the world in a complete state of disarray, and people being stuck in their homes, we’re all trying to fight madness and find a way to fill our time. And while living in uncertainty you don’t want to be reminded of the things that are causing you anxiety, so what combats that better than laughter?

We are in the middle of a comedy gold rush and everywhere you look a new stand-up comedy special is being released. If you’re looking to take the edge off during this time, head over to Netflix and stream these Comedy specials right now.

Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy

Bert Kreischer is everyone’s favorite Florida man-boy. Hey Big Boy is Bert’s newest special on Netflix, and you need to crack a beer and get watching it right away. 

At the beginning of the hour there is a timely joke in regards to safe sex. Bert mentions that him and his wife were about to engage in intercourse, but his wife is timid about it due to having a cold. So Bert mentions that they will “practice safe sex”, and his surprised wife responds with “you’re going to use a condom?”. Bert’s response and punchline is “no, doggy style, so you cough into the wall”.  This cracked me up because I’m sure any of us who are quarantining with our significant others are thinking about germs being passed around and whatnot, and having a bit of light brought to the subject is a perfect example of why we need comedy. 

There’s another bit in the special the centers around Bert purchasing a gun and detailing how inappropriately he uses it. And I don’t own a gun nor do I plan on purchasing one anytime soon, but this joke definitely reinforced my decision to not get one. I was dying throughout the whole bit because I kept picturing myself doing everything that Bert was detailing, and usually that’s all that’s needed to bring a joke home is some level of it being relatable, and that is something you will find a lot of in this special.

If you watch Hey Big Boy on Netflix and fall for Bert Kreischer there is plenty more material of his you can dive into. He has two other specials on Netflix, and the first one “The Machine” contains a story that skyrocketed Bert into the spotlight. Even if you don’t have time(which is impossible) to watch an entire special, you need to at least check out “the machine story” from Bert on Youtube. 

Bert also has a cooking show called Somethings Burning on Youtube, multiple podcasts which I recommend checking out, Bertcast being one of them, and he is a frequent guest on other popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

I had heard Taylor’s name thrown around on podcasts, and I knew she was a paid regular at the world-famous Comedy Store, but for some reason, I had never checked her out. That was until April 2nd, When I saw on Youtube, a Whitney Cummings podcast where Taylor was the guest. 

Watching the podcast I immediately realized that I had probably just discovered one of my new favorite comedians, and to make the discovery even better, Taylor was promoting her new Netflix special Quarter-Life Crisis, which I could not resist checking out. 

As I said, one of the things that makes a great joke is when you can relate in some way, because you feel like you’re in on it. And with Taylor being 26 years old(only 2 years older than me) there is a lot to relate to in this special. Side note, it’s also awesome to see people in our age group doing well, and I truly find it motivational.  

In Quarter-Life Crisis, Taylor takes you through the tenancies of an introvert, dating in your 20’s, getting engaged and then severing the engagement. This hour has tons of material to comfort and crack you up through your quarantine.

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Tom Segura: Ball Hog

Ball Hog is Tom Segura’s… I don’t even know what number Netflix special this is. There’s a bunch of them. Tom Segura is an absolute workhorse, and it shows when every other year he pumps out a brand new special, on top of all the other work he has going on.

Ball Hog is a hilarious romp, checking in on topics like family, superstitions, and Bill Cosby. One of the most exciting and satisfying things to watch in this hour is how certain jokes alienate the audience from the premise, but then as Tom expands upon his idea, he slowly wins them back to the point of applause breaks. 

A good example of a joke that does this, is one that involves how “stupid” people have to be for believing in superstitions such as the bible. And it almost feels as if Tom is really making a point to upset people by hammering in his thoughts on superstitions. But then he curves it to making fun of how silly it is that buildings don’t have 13th floors based on superstitions, and from there he slowly gets the audience on his side when poking fun at anything in regards to superstition. 

This special is a really good reminder that It’s always a treat to watch people do something they’re great at, and I’m sure that is what Tom Segura will continue to do in the future.

If you can’t get enough of Tom after watching Ball Hog, check out his podcast Your Moms House which he hosts with his wife Christian P.,  Two bears One Cave which he hosts wit Bert Kreischer, or any of his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience or Dr. Drew After Dark. Tom also hosts a solo podcast that is entirely in Spanish called Tom Segura En Espanol, and he is working on another Netflix special that will be entirely in Spanish.

What Netflix stand-up specials are you watching? Let us know in the comments below!

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